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07 Aug 2011

Update &amp  Advice
So much has happened since my last post. We were made home-based, and I don''t have to deal with my snotty colleagues anylonger. My meddling colleaugue got what he deserved. He had a fight with his friend, the manager and had a very bad performance appraisal. Too such an extent that the Global office had to dial in to his appraisal and defuse the situation. He now has weekly performance management meetings. So, I was not overreacting when I said he can''t do the job. He is still undermining my authority on the project, and I think it is intentional. But I make it very clear to the overseas client that it is his sites who are not performing and that he has not provided the relevant information on time. He second guesses even the Team Leader overseas. But she put him in his place on Friday. My manager almost gave me my sites back, but now his performance has improved, except that he goes over my head to the client. Something my manager said should not happen, and when I confront her about it she dismisses it, which frustrates me. But the positive is, I''m working at home and not seeing any of my backstabbing colleaugues. It does get lonely, but I prefer it to the backstabbing. I just have to find a hobby over weekends, otherwise I will just work and work.
I have been made back up on another colleauges study, but she does not want to allow me to do anything for her. I suspect she is worried that I will outperform her. She works 8-4 and thats it. I have time on my hands and can assist, I offered, but she declined. At first I felt as if I was not good enough, but I know better. I outperform 2 out of the 3 people in the office and the other one I can''t because she is just way ahead of me with regards to experience.
I still don''t sleep and take 3 Stilnox. But I think it was the sudden change. We moved from office based to home based in 1 week.
I''m continuing with CBT and seeing my Psych on the 22nd.
I''m glad my meddling colleague got what he deserved. He never spoke to me again after the performance appraisal because apparantly if Control Freak can handle 9 sites he can handle 5 sites. True. He used al sorts of lame excuses and I was used as the example of everything can be done under any circumstance. Wow! It felt great. My appraisal went great and the only thing that was negative was that my manager noticed that I don''t bounce back from a negative experience very quickly and when I become negative I really become negative. According to my therapist it is traits of my Bipolar disorder. My manager was clever to pick up on it, even though she does not know about my condition. Still no news on the jobhunt, but I''m very happy working at home and my project is going very well at my sites.
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01 Jan 0001

Interesting news ! I find that working from home may free you from the presence of snotty colleagues - but doesnt help if you find yourself a snotty colleague ! Just imagine, you now would have to stab your own back ...
Sp the nasty young man got and is getting his come-uppance. That he still tries to interfere is understandable - most people facing the fact that their favourite technique isn't working, choose, rather than changing tactics, just to use the same failed method but harder and louder.
One wonders, of course, why prople seem to have been so reluctant to confront the little twit.
Of course you will be keeping up the good work ( that's just how you work ) but I'm so pleased to learn you're becoming more comfortable with it all.
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