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15 Jan 2013

Very cross at the coloured community.
Good day all. I just want to vent ok. First of all I am a colourerd myself and love being coloured. Today I feel I should just say what I want to say. Ok we as coloureds love name brands, fair enough, but if we can’ t afford it, why do we do it. Thank goodness I got OUT of the coloured community at a very young age so me and my children settle for anything, as long as we clean and we ALWAYS look nice without spending thousands. My point is this. Hubby has a child from a previous relationship, he do what needs to be done. EVERY YEAR this woman is nagging NON STOP for stationery this time of the year. Every December she take out BIG LAY BUYS for her child, easily coming to +-R5000.00 for her son, which is fine with me, as long as hubby does his part and as long as me, hubby and 2 children’ s clothes does not even reach that amount. Every Christmas he must fork out extra coz her child must wear these WONDERFUL clothes, every January she puts him under pressure for stationery. Last year Jan she did the same after the Christmas went wild, hubby told her she MUST buy less or less expensive stuff and see to stationery and uniform… … … … … .. NO WHY MUST SHE, what will the people think if her son wear tekkies of R100.00… … . she is calling non stop, asking for her MAINTENANCE NOW coz her child need school stuff after she did the same thing last year as well. WHY ARE WE SO OVER NAME BRANDS, she has an average job, paying an average salary, hubby pays her maintenance, enough to see to things, Dec always something extra, hoping she would put something away for Jan, but it does not happen. I am so frustrated at this woman and worst part, she is so damn rude, sending ugly sms’ s. what on earth is the difference between Ackermans and Skipper Bar… … .. Yes a lot, but children grow so fast, her skipper bar clothes can only last for one season and the same with my ackermans clothes… … …  difference is I paid R500.00 for a season’ s clothes and she paid R5000.00. And what makes me worse mad is hubby kinda feels bad, our children have everything coz we did all those things in Dec and his son has nothing now for school and must wait till month end!!!!!!!! WHY!!!!!!WHY!!!!!!!WHY!!!!!! Thanks all for listening to me nagging here