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12 Mar

Shady employer
HI, I need some advice please. My husband is to stubborn to ask he says that his employer is not doing anything wrong. He has been working for a company for the past few years. He is head of a department. The last year since new arrivals some stuff changed especially the last few weeks. Suddenly the lady that is suppose to be answering to him is getting al his work and does everything. My husband does not have anything to do. When he phones his boss he does not answer of speak to him. Is this a sign that he wants him to leave. They wanted him to sign a new contact stipulating a work restirction for 2 year. Unbelieveable. He refused. I said to him to stick around and draw his salary eventhough he is not doing anything. I know it is frustrating for him but the so called decent boss is rude and he has proof of where he swore my husband in the year regarding decisions he had to made. If he does the boss says he should have discussed it first but he does not answer him or anything. What is my husband to do. Can he send the partners all letter asking what the problem is. They always say they cannot do without him but what it their problem now. sorry to bother you