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22 Aug 2011

Why did my sister do this to me?!
I’ m so angry! My fiancé  and I announced our engagement a couple of weeks ago. Yay, everyone was happy for us. Well, almost everyone. Then last week I hear from my other sister that my older sister and her boyfriend, not wanting to be out of the spotlight, decided that they wanted to get married. I say nothing but secretly hope that they at least have the decency to wait until I’ m married for a few months at least. No, they announce it to the family today. I am so upset. I never had the attention my sisters had (typical middle child syndrome) and this was supposed to be MY time. I was supposed to get the attention. Now, everyone is ooooohing and aaaaahhhhhing to my older sister. Why did she steal my thunder? Just once, I wanted to have the attention all to myself- my older sister was always the “ best, most well liked who could get away with murder”  one, while my younger sister was the “ baby who could get away with murder” . This was the only chance I had that the whole family would be happy for me, instead of thinking my depressed ways would corrupt my younger cousins, or whatever it is they think of me these days. Why did she do this to me?!!!!!!!
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01 Jan 0001

Sad, isn't it. But in any family where you feel you have to struggle to get "the attention", that attention isn't worth having.
If she, pathetically feels she needs to steal your thunder, how desperate ( for thunder ) she must me.
I know it's not easy for you to realize this right now, but you have absolutely no need for "the family to feel happy for me" - the weding should be about you and your man feeling happy for and about yourselves and each other.
Presumably your actual wedding will take place before hers ? Anyway, even that doesn't matter, so long as it's a distinctly different time.
Those other nasty and selfish people have no power whatsoever over your happiness, except for whatever power you choose to give them. Give them none.
Caro's idea of an elopement sounds interesting - it'd grab their attention without actually asking for any. And what could she then do to compete - elope too, but go further away ?
Congratulations on your engagement. Have a happy marriage, for your own sakes, and let your sister learn crochet
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