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28 Feb 2004

Att: Conrad!
After posting my 'Insulin' question I looked around at some previous 'roid-related' questions. And well, I am somewhat amused that people are asking a registered practicioner about roids! Clearly they are unaware of the oath you took! But, face it, when you consider the definite growth and price-tags starting at R190 for Depo, it does seem very appealing! I walked that road once before, but decided to give it a rest till my body is outgrown. Looking to alternate (legal!) methods now, I've noticed that you freely admit to using Androstenediol, and with great effects! What is it? Approx how much would it cost? Where can I get?
I'm always on the lookout for something new. I might not end up using it, but it is still a good idea to stay well informed.

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01 Jan 0001

Aspiring Bodybuilder,

Androstenediol is what they call a pro-hormone. Now, before I explain what it is let me say that although I've admitted to using it I've also said that I've never used it again and also do NOT advise that people use it. The reason for this is explained below:

Simply put-a pro-hormone is basically a pre-cursor to another hormone-in essence what it does is it boosts your body's own production of the hormone that it is a precursor to. In this case it is testosterone and your body's natural levels of testosterone are therefore boosted by Andro giving some pretty potent results.


Whenever you mess around with the body's natural processes you are going to run into problems-as is true with this as well. My cholesterol levels were raised, my liver developed a slight dysfunction and one or two other problems developed. Therefore, even though it is freely available, it is still banned by the IOC and the likes due to the performance enhancing abilities of this product as well as the potential dangers to the body that it possesses.

As for the steroid questions I have to say this: I honestly feel that there needs to be an open forum that addresses the usage of steroids in an honest way. Due to the ethical restraints I cannot do this but wish I could. People ARE going to use roids, and rather let them do it in an informed way than let them "go it alone" and in the process mess themselves up more than what they would if supervised. This issue needs to be addressed in a responsible way. What do you think?

Conrad Booysen-Biokineticist
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