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11 Aug 2010

I woke up recently(2/3 months ago) with severe pains in my back, they felt more like a cold, numbing pain. Im used to feeling backache since i was 14 and had been to the doc but he always said it was muscular and gave painkillers. I always suspected more but put it down to paranoia. When i was 18 i slipped down stairs and hit my upper spine hard on the edge. I happened to be on my way to the doc for migraine and he examined and said nothing that wont heal. I am now 20 and a year ago (18months after fall) i started experiencing shooting pains between my leg and hip randomly when i stood up from sitting(work as a receptionist) the pain was bad but brief and 70% of the time would briefly paralise my leg and collapse me to the floor. It was enough to cause me to yelp out loud but by the time id finished yelping the pain was gone and i was on the floor or half way to it. It got progressively worse and more frequent so i went back to my doc who sent me for an xray on my hip, they came back clear. My other doc said first doc is mad for thinking the problem was my hip, it must be from a healing fracture on my spine from when i fell 18months ago and that within 2years from the fall all would be good again. I felt this was all far fetched but had no option but to believe it. Sure enough within a few months the problem with my legs was gone. Then i experienced the wost numbing pain ever in my back a few months ago and gave me such a fright that i went to a Dr within hoursHsent me downstairs for Xrays on my spine and it was discovered i have scoliosis. The xrays show my lower spine is bent towards my tummy and curves to the right, my upper spine bulges away from my chest and my shoulders slump forward. I have been to phsio 3 times but had to stop due to the medical aid exhausting. I have started yoga on advice of physio and continued the excercises he gave until i can see him again. My question is about the hip story, because it is starting again. This time its still beginning stages and not at the point of dropping to the ground. It happens randomly and sometimes lasts 5seconds, sometimes 5 hours on and off. I only feel it if i am walking but not every time im walking. The pain is once again between hip and knee joints and makes me feel week and unsteady on the leg. it only happens to one leg. Last time it alternated between legs. I am short and only 45kgs, so weight is not a problem. I am apart from migraines and scoliosis completely healthy to my knowledge. What could be causing this pain in my hip, is it related to scoliosis or another problem? Dont know if it is related but my sister of 16yrs recently had an operation on both feet as she had severe calcification on the bones below her ankles. Even more recently my mom(48yrs) started experiencing problems with her shoulder joint. She said it would get stuck and this was painful, she eventually went to doctor(my old one) and was told that it is probably calcification in the joint. She was going to go for tests before the medical aid got exhausted. These tests would show if some liquid was to blame and this liquid could be hereditory. What is this liquid? and could it be cause to my problems? Apart from these stories we have no history of bone problems in the family, these are the first. Please explain what could be causing my pain and how to stop it?
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01 Jan 0001

You have a rather lengthy history and considering all aspects, it would be better for you to start with a complete examination and evaluation by a chiropractor. If further referral is necessary - he/she is well trained to make the appropriate decisions and give you further advice.
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