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16 Sep 2019

Cannot get rid of mucous
Hi Doc, I have been struggling with a post nasal drip and Sinus which has now escalated into a nasty cough. I cough up bits of mucous but cannot seem to clear it. My ears are ringing and if I bend down, my head pounds. I am using Flomist nose spray every day and am on my third round of cough mixture. I am now using Benylin Original, having used Herbal Cough Syrup and Vicks Syrup. I am now using Sinulex. I take 1 AP Loratadine daily. I have had the cough for 2 weeks and the post nasal for 2 months. As a result I am feeling lethargic as I cannot breath in properly. Please help me with any other medication you think might work, or if I am overloading my system. Thank you for your time.