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03 Dec 2019

I spit up undigested food 2 to 5 hours after eating
Over the past 3 to 4 years, my ability to spit up undigested food from a burp has been getting worse. I do have a little over active stomach acids and thus I take Protonix 2 to 3 times a week. The first couple of hours after eating, I almost never have issues. However, after 2 hours, I begin to feel food in my throat and at the 3-4 hour mark, it can be quite annoying. At 6 hours, the feeling of food in my throat is always gone. It often feels like I have food stuck in my throat, at my Adam's apple. When I burp, I spit up recognizable pieces of food. It actually tastes pretty good and thus I know that the food never made it down to my stomach; in other words, there is no bile in what I spit up. When my acids are more active, I do burp and split up more. But when my acid are not active, I still can feel the food in my throat and it take some induced burps to get food up or wait a few hours and the food will eventually go away/down. I do not typically have heart burn. My throat never seems to get sore. I have tried swallowing crushed ice thinking it might push whatever down. Instead, water seems it exacerbate the situation. I have had a Barium X-Ray and nothing usual was found except that the pill they asked me to swallow at completion of my x-ray, got stuck in my throat as the x-ray technicians watched. I have also had an endoscopy. The doctor who performed my endoscopy said everything was normal and that he didn't see anything that may block food in my throat. These symptoms happens with all meals and with all types of food. I typically have oatmeal for breakfast and by noon, I am spitting a little something up. I typically have a ham sandwich for lunch and by 5 pm I am dealing with undigested bread, although bread rarely is spit up. Dinner is the biggest offender of my throat. I will admit I eat a little too fast but even when I chew food extensively, something will come up. Every once in a while, I will have no symptoms for 2 or 3 weeks; mostly while traveling but sometimes while at home too. These are times when I think it might be allergy related but as a general rule, I don't have allegies. When I search for "lump in my throat", many websites talk about anxiety. I am a pretty comfortable 53 year old single male so I personally think I have very low stress or anxiety. I welcome any thoughts or questions you may have about my annoying situation. Rob
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05 Dec 2019

Hi Rob
This situation must be quite annoying, as you mentioned. It seems as if the oesophagus is not working the food down into the stomach, almost as if there is a blockage at some point. If there was an anatomical obstruction, then the doctors would have seen it on the tests that were done. So this might be more of a muscular/nerve problem. I suggest that you see a specialist gastroenterologist if you have not done so yet. Good luck. 
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