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08 Aug 2007

adult ADD
I think I have adult attention deficit disorder.I struggle to fall asleep at night because my mind wont stop racing around.I must check my time table about 3 times before I go to class, because I forget the time and place.(I am a 21 year old student).When something is on my mind, I miss class because I 'forget to go".I forget other things too.Like when im thinking about one thing and doing something else.I forget to take my towels when I go to the hostel's bathroom to shower.I forget what I was doing or what the point is in why I have to do something (for instance why I need to wake up at 6 am.When the reason is something obvious like I want to gym before class or I have an early class... I am underachieving because I can't focus on my priorities, I lack motivation, I automatically do things without realizing it (im very compulsive) and when the teacher speaks ,I usualy see his mouth moving and recognise the words he says ,but I cant put those words together to make a concept because even though im actually present in class (when I remember to go) ,my mind is absent!! I get bouts of anxiety and when I realise how much I need to get a grip on myself, I get depressed.I make lists and lists and lists of all the things I should do and still dont get them done.The worst part is that I dont even have a real exuse for myself.Its not that I dont have time or am too busy or have anything better to do than study.Im not even a party lover and dont drink at all, so socialising isnt why im messing up.Im so bad at organising things and my efforts at planning ahead dont seem to get myself organised.I can sit for a few hours and just think and think like my thoughts are on a treadmill!! Then 3 hours have gone by and ive done... NOTHING!!! Im very creative though and my friends usually love my wacky ideas, but I feel so bad about my performance and it isnt just a case of 'irresponsible student needs to get her priorities straight'.Sometimes I can concentrate very ,very well.Like in this one class where we are studying the ancient greek empire.My mind just absorbs all the info because it is like a story about the greek people and even though it is a 2 hour session, it usually feels like 30 minutes to me.The other students usually fall half asleep... But over all , the things im concentrating on isnt the things that I should be giving attention to.When I really need to give attention to a subject like say physiology, I read the words ,but cant place them together because my mind refuses.It reads the first few lines and then I just lose it.At the end of the day I dont study at all (feel terrible about myself because I wanted to give more) and then by some mericle I usually (usually but not every time) pass the test.(But with very, very low grades).It just feels awful.I really think I have ADHD.I have done research on the topic and im just shocked.Because what I read is what has been happening to me these past few years.I am thinking of getting medication, but I do not want to get hooked on some freaky pill.(ALthough I suppose if I take the prescribed dosage at a fixed interval ,I wont).Ive read thet there are two typed of medication, (both effecting the frontal cortex) namely the stinulant type and the non-stimulant type.Which are most effective with ADHD and are best?? What do you think of my situation and any advice on medication????
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01 Jan 0001

Dear No focus
It will be best to see a psychiatrist - it is not an easy diagnosis and he/she needs to do a thorough assessment of your medical history, your family history, your current symptoms as well as look for other diseases that can mimic ADD like Depression and anxiety. They will normally do a rating scale assesment . Medication will depend on the main symptoms identified (whether a stimulant or non stimulant will work best)
Taking the wrong medication may even worsen your condition, so rather see a specialist.
See - in it there is a self rating scale you can try.
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