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05 Apr 2006

Hope you can help me
Hi Doc

I had rectal polyps removed last December and had a colonoscopy at the end of Jan. Except for the rectal pain which was caused by the polyps, I was in very good health and had no problems whatsoever. A few days after the colonoscopy I started getting very strange symptoms (colonoscopy shows all is fine and the polyps they removed was not cancerous - inflammatory polyps):

*Fine muscle twitches
*Pins&Needles in hands and face
*Burning sensations of the skin

I went back to my GP and he said this could be due to the high amount of stress I experienced before the scope. (I was VERY stressed as I was scared they would find cancer in my colon). So I left it there. I have been on Cipralex for the past two years or so and have been taking Alzam as needed.

The symptoms did not go away and I went back to the doc. He did blood tests and all came back fine (full blood count, thyroid, glucose, vit b etc...). In the meantime I was starting to get aching pains in my hand and feet and also stabbing like pains in my muscles. I started getting pain in my jaw too. Sometimes I also get pains under my ribs at nite when I sleep (cause I sleep on my stomach). GP said my liver and spleen did not feel swollen. He sent me to an Internist and she agreed that this was stress related. She sent me for a evaluation at a well known Neurologist in the Cape and he did a conduction test and said he agrees this was probably due to stress/anxiety. From there I was sent to a Psychiatrist. He inreased my Cipralex and put me on 10mg Valium at nite. All of this took place during the past two months and I'm still not better.

I went back to my GP and asked to be tested for Rheum Arthritis and viral infections.
EBV was negative although it did show a past infection. Brucella was negative. Cytomagella (sp?) was also negative although the pathologist said the re-test in two weeks time. Rheumatoid factor was negative and Anti nuclear was also negative. The only thing that I could see that changed was my C reactive proteine. (Jan 31 it was 5...March 31 it is 8) My white cell count is also a bit up (it is 11.3) ESR is 7.

In the meantime I'm sitting here and stressing as it does not seems like the doctors knows what is really going on. My Psychiatrist said that it does seems like this is not all stress related, but did not give any advice as to what to do next). He suspects a viral infection. I spoke to another doc who suspects rheumatoid arthritis.

My GP will only be back next week and he said he might want to send me to another internist for a second opinion. But he has a 2 month waiting period. Other than that I must just wait it out. Doc, I'm at my wits end here and don't know if I can go on like this anymore. It's like I scream, but no-one is listening. If this is what my life is going to be like....well, I don't know anymore.
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01 Jan 0001

Hi Keen
You may have something simple like a vitamin/electrolyte shortage. Try taking a Calcium and Magnesium combination once a day and a good Vit Bco like Executive's own. You can also take slow Fructose to keep your blood sugar constant. Your CRP is not too high and it would have been sky-high if you had Rheumatoid artritis. I am also not too worried about your White cell count and ESR. I think they excluded all the dangerous stuff. When you get these cramps in your arms, breath into a brown paper bag - it increases the CO2 level in the blood and helps for the cramps.
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