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11 Nov 2006

Piles? et al.
Hi Doc,

Firstly, thank-you for the wonderful work you do here...

There are a few issues I'd like to ask about. A new appearance has been a small lump encased in some skin on my anus. The lump inside the skin is dark and it is really hard. I have no clue as to what could have caused it, I just noticed it in the shower the other day. The lump can move around if pushed but it will return to the exterior by itself.

The other, more worrying, issue is as follows. It happens occasionally, once every two months I'd say, but it's very erratic - so that is just a guess. It happens either after defecation or ejaculation. It is an excruciating pain that comes from my anal/rectal area. It's not a stabbing pain, but more of a humming constant pain. I can feel when it is about to begin and when it does I am completely debilitated. In fact I am so tuned out that I could be lying on the couch breathing heavily and cavorting in pain for 45 minutes and as the pain subsides I feel as though it was 10 mins. During the pain I sweat lightly on my forehead. It usually takes 30 minutes or so to subside.

Not trying to be melodramatic here, but could this be prostate cancer? I know that it is extremely extremely rare (even impossible) at my age, 19. The pain is one of, or it is the worst pain I have ever experienced. I don't have some of the other symptoms of prostate cancer such as a difficultly to urinate.

I am sexually active, but ALWAYS use a condom. And as far as I know, all my partners have been STD free.

I haven't raised this with my GP (or anyone for that matter) as it is a bit difficult to talk about...

Other (likely to be completely unrelated) symptoms I have are painful knees and other joints (I read that this could be caused by a cancer).

Am I being melodramatic? I know it's quite a bit in terms of reading but its such a relief to talk to someone about it.

Thank you again...
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01 Jan 0001

Dear Frightened
No it does not sound like a prostate cancer problem but something called proctalgia fugax - which is like a cramp in the anus. The blackish lump is probably caused by a clot in a hemorroid and if it does not go away by itself, should be removed surgically.
The joint pain may be totally unrelated and due to overexertion or gout or something else.
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