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02 Aug 2010

Subclinical hypothyroidism
I am a 31 year old female. In 2005 I went to see a psychologist (referred to one by work) as I was unhappy with my job, struggling to concentrate (which I blamed on not enjoying my job very much) and in an unhappy relationship at the time (feeling depressed) and I had also picked up some weight but only about 5kg’ s from 62 up to 67kg. I managed to loose the weight doing Weigh-less. The psychologist “ diagnosed”  depression after spending over an hour with him –  he did a 20 question “ depression test” . He “ prescribed”  a combination of vitamins, omega 3+6, sceletium and various other supplements and that I see a psychologist. I went to see a psychologist for just over a year which helped. The omega’ s improved my concentrations levels within about 2 weeks. In that time I ended my relationship and left my job. Since then been in another job for 2 years. I have met and married my husband (been 1 year already).

Since the end of last year I picked up a little weight again about 4 kgs I thought this was a result of a Christmas over eating. But I was feeling tired and depressed, anxiety, chest pains, really struggling to concentrate, poor memory, strange pains in my one leg and struggling to loose the weight. I went to see my GP she thought it might be depression (I didn’ t want to go on anti-depressants) she decided to check my blood which is when we discovered my TSH levels were 19 she consulted with an endocrinologist and we did another TSH test a week later and free t4 and t3 to confirm that we had not just had a very high initial reading, The results were still high TSH 19, t3 (can’ t recall figure but was within reference range), t4 11.7. My GP put me on eltroxin 0.05g which I was on for 2 months I was feeling quite a bit better and my TSH came down to 2!!! I decided without consulting my GP but with advice from a kinesiogolist who is also a pharmacist to try the thyroid Cytotrophin instead of the eltroxin –  after one month on this I was feeling lousy (crying for no reason and anxious) again and tested my TSH again it was over 5 again! I went to my GP and told her I’ d gone off the Eltroxin and decided to go on it again. I have been on it again for over 1 week and feeling better already. I have also joined weight watchers and have managed to loose 2.5kgs.
I am concerned about having to be on Eltroxin for life as this was what my GP said will probably be necessary. I will have my TSH tested again in 2 months time.

My question is –  how long could my thyroid have been underactive –  could it have been as far back as 2005 when I was diagnosed with depression?
Should I go see an endocrinologist?
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01 Jan 0001

Hallo Anon femail 31
It is possible that your hypothyroidism started a few years ago. It is not bad to take Eltroxin for life - it is a supplement for someone whose thyroid is not making thyroid hormone like someone with diabetes would need to take insulin because their pancreas is not making any insulin. Why does it worry you/what scares you about take it longterm?
dr Bets
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