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21 Jul 2008

UTI, pain
I have recurrent UTI, i think, constant pain and frequent urination but the pain stops if I press on the urethra area with my hand? Urine light colored and no blood. Take no meds and goes away and the just returns a month or so later on, lasts about 3 weeks at a time. Secondly have nightly toe/foot/calf cramps in both feet lasting for 15-30 minutes, if i pull the toes upwards it help but as soon as i rlease the toes spasms again. This is very painful. Thirdly, have pain on left side of anus and in buttock area that is burnign in quality and constant, had rectal cancer and surgery for that 8 years ago and have had polypectomies x4 since then. Saw my surgeon but he says there is nothign there but pain is ongoing in left mid buttock area and left side of anus (where the adenocarcimoa was at bottom) i am tired of the constant pain and seem to get no answer as to why it is there other than there si nothing there, which does not help explain the constant pain, at times is so severe have to sit in hot bath or use ice on the area to ease it a bit. I am 47, female, going though menpause as periodsstop for months then return to normal then stop again and just feeling very frustrated and irritable about pain I am having and UTI (i think) and crampingin feet/calves every night - can you help me or suggest who to go to or what to do to get some definitive answers
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01 Jan 0001

Dear Sab123

You must be very frustrated!

Regarding the urinary symptoms - you have to have your urine tested and maybe sent to the lab to see if you have bacteria in the urine. If it happens more than 3 times a year, this is an indication to see an urologist and have a scope under anaestetic to see if there are any growths or problems inside the bladder.

The cramps could be due to low calcium or overexertion of the muscles but in association with the buttock pain may be due to a nerve root irritation in your lower back. Try taking Calcium supplements and if that does not help, ask your doctor to try Quinine (the malaria medication). Stretching the muscle and applying heat may help.

The pain in the buttock sounds very suspicious of a nerve root or nerve irritation - a physiotherapist will be able to evaluate this for you and see if this is indeed the case. She will be able to advise you if it is necessary to see an orthopod or have x/rays of the back. If they can't find the cause ask them to try Trepilene which is an antidepressant but also reduces chronic pain from nerve origin.
Let me know if you had any improvement?
Dr Bets
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