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07 Jan 2005

Abnormal Psychology: Eating Human Flesh (Cannibalism) (pls note: offensive topic)
Not sure if anyone saw it on SABC 3 last night? I came across this strange program and watched it out of curiosity: It was called "BodyShock: the man who ate his lover"

Basically in a Nutshell these 2 German guys got together, via the Internet. Man no. 1 had weird childhood, controlling mother, and had fantasies of eating peoplle since he was small.
Man no. 2 was secretively homosexual, had other types of issues, and had for a long time wanted someone to cut off his penis and consume it with him.

So. they got together and Man No. 1 (with some difficulty, believe it or not) managed to do what Man No. 2 wanted. Gross.
Man No. 2 was left to bleed to death in a bath, while his um.. Member was being fryed in a pan by Man No. 1 for further consumption. (Reminds me of Hannibal Lector).
what REALLY get to me (besides the whole eating bit) is that Man No. 2 was totally ok with the fact that he would be dying..
HELLO.. ? What happened to human survival instinct?

I don't have all teh details and they were too gruesome anyhow, but how on this earth is it possible for people to end up like that?
What's your take on this CS? - and whoever else feels like having a go at trying to explain this one.

anyway if I don't speak to you all again, have a great weekend.
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01 Jan 0001

I remember the actual case, but didn't watch the TV show, though it's highly vulgar title suggests it was sensationalized. It takes profound vulgarity and really morbid skill to manage to sensationalize such already sensational events !
As we've seen recently around the forums ( fora ? ) one guys' "opinion" is another guy's "judgemental" ; and while our own fantasies seem reasonable, other people's fantasies generally seem Ugh, pathetic, or amusing.
Psychopathology runs a wide range, from the mildly odd ( and most of us have a few parts of us that lie in that territory ), to the wildly bizarre and hard to believe. Some of the daft media at the time tried to blame the internet, when it was merely a method for making contact. OK, nowadays it's become easier for truly weird people to find each other. And if you're only turned on by a left-Handed Red-Headed dwarf with acne, you'll probably find a web-site devoted to fellow devotees, somewhere. Be concerned about the message, not the messenger.
Cannibalism in actuality is very rare, in fantasy a bit less so ; but this sort of willing participation in such a bizarre self-destruction is probably unique so far. Some miserable guys castrate themselves, but seldom to feed a pervert. It's not abnormal to find something interesting about such awful events, as mos of us are fascinated by the peculiar variations in humanity.
And it makes a change from the sick obsession of the TV News channels with the Tsunami, posting new deth-tolls every hour, as if they were cricket scores. Now THAt is sick.
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