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07 Dec 2005

an en some
Doc Ead ey, ope em merry womin in santa outfits come uz way …

Reading through em archives back in 2004, shyte state of affairs avin all that ell come an walk out the door… takes me right back there…

Ow long do uz keep em archives 4? Its like a dear diary …

It kinda starts off wif a normalish guy makin conversation an en one day shyte eets the fan an Dude waz made … major eadd f*k… sorta evolved into wot iz 2day… pretty interesting 4 a shrink 2 observe in some respects … wonder ow many changes occur in onez ead wen faced wif situations or emotions that cause an alteration in personality …

F*k that 4 a thought

Ow bout …

Predictions for the new year … George Bush is gonna get assassinated by em mice oo paid for the planet …

The question to em answer 42 will be discovered … ma best guess at the moment is:

Ow many fickle f*kers cud a fickle f*cker f*k if a fickle f*ker cud f*k Fickles …

Iz got ma sights on anotha million … ope ma womin don change wif ma car, cars gonna change again …

Court in jan … still goin on wif ma learnin experience that umans can not b trusted wif cash issues … shyte … ope its ova b4 ma bday … iz predict eem getting away wif murder an me becoming a professional criminal as er aint no law in South Africa ..

rate cut in jan an then everyone overspends ,….. june comes up wif a 5 base rise an people sell off er grandma 2 pay 4 debit … banks make a killin … rich folks buy out stuff at prices below em average etheopian weight…

sadam ussen is convicted 4 somethin ee neva new bout, that’s y george gets it in the batty jus the way ee likes it … asama launches new an interesting attacks on the states , namely nuclear wif nerve agents that f*k the population … results in a lot more skinny people in a states … big mac goes even bigger in Europe tiltin the fat circumfrance…

the goose gets knocked off buy a hacker playin a nine ole chip an put …

iz predict womin finding new an innovative ways 2 stimulate em selves … the role playin between men an womin is jus gonna switch … men will finally b respected an loved an ave there dong stimulated wif the godly respect it desearves …

playstation 3 will consume kiddies minds an cause seizures across the globe …

jesus will come … an come an come an eventually get totally los in a red light district in Amsterdam … levil reigns till 3 000 Ad … that’s wen opium dries up an ee eez forced to find an alternative ….


Iz don wanna shag ma womins mom so am opin iz don get into any sticky situations … moms r really orny eez days likesay ..

Do uz ave any plans on going away doc ead?

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01 Jan 0001

Ey Dude,
If possible, I never like to go away in peak holiday periods --- (a) town is moch nicer when everyon else has gone away, and (b) why pay more money and a horrible journey, to go where everyone else is going, and end up surrounded by people you've been trying to avoid all year ?
Interesting predictions. If someone did have a go at George Twiglet, it could be awfully hard for em to cause noticeable brain damage. I wonder if the American Eagle will succumb to Bird Flu ?
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