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05 Oct 2009

being put in the frying pan
I luv my work and i have been her for 3 yrs and 7 months.

i started as intern and now I am working as hr practitioner.

my manager is a darling. and amongs others she is the reason i am still here. hence is want to tell her that im intending to resign in future and must do succession planning/have back up in case i leave.

the other practitioner joined us in apr 2009 and now she resigned.

our director likes to throw tantrums, and is making it easy to for me to resign. i had to stick around for all these years because i needed to gain experience, but now im enough.

he will say things like ' julle hr ppl is stupid and i will not sign for this advert or appointment'  he expresses himself in a loud, rude and intimidating communication. and you must agree to all that he says.

i have complained to the HR manager several times and he says I must work around him and accomodate him.

perhaps becos im sensitive i take things personal. i respect it is someone wants to voice his opinion but it must be done in a professional way.

i love my job and work until until 18h00 or 19h00, 3 times a week just to make sure that my work is up to date. i love our employees, care about them and also ensure that i contribute to company goals.

most of the times when give him documents for approval he shouts and say stupid HR process and will give a long negetive speech about things that do I do not have control on. i do not make company hrrules/policies for the company but half the time in a being put in the frying pan about them

we have a meeting with the hr manager tomorrow and to talk about all issues like we always do.

but as for me i have made my mind that if i get an offer im out of here. i started applying for jobs today. im gonna tell her that im gonna resign if i get offer. if this affect my bonus/salary increase...i do not care. my happiness comes first

i do not know, perhaps im overreacting? or just a stupid hr clerk like we are called here.
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01 Jan 0001

Ironically, it's not merely years of experience that adds to your effectiveness in HR, but you now know what many workers have to deal with, coping with a dumb, unprofessional, crude and incompetent boss / director. Sounds like everything else about the job suits you well enough. Maybe just sit down and discuss this with your pleasant boss, who must know exactly what you're dealing with, and may have some useful suggestions. It's your boss's task to protect you and others from the shouting and rudeness of this guy. Why not continue looking for a fool-free place to work, and discuss THAT with your direct boss or supervisor when that option arises, rather than warning them ahead of time ?
Sounds like even the external recuitment person recognized this guy for the idiot he is. Let's hope he reports it higher up and recommends that something be done about this guy's offensive and excessive behaviour.
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