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10 Dec 2012

Boss SUCH a gossiper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today I have to keep my mouth shut - if I don''t I''m sure it will affect my bonus :-(

When I went for this operation I did not want to tell him and his wife (the 2 directors) but I did not want to lie, I asked them to please NOT tell anyone as I do not want everyone watching what i am eating and asking me every day how much I have lost etc. Needless to say when I came back everyone knew and what''s happening is EXACTLY what I did NOT want to happen.

Last night one of the young reps mom shot herself and died. He called the boss to tell him and that he will not be at work. He boss started calling everyone (I NEVER answer calls when I am off - fluck that) then one of the other guys wives sent me a text telling me. Shortly after another one and another one.

When I walked in this morning he could not wait to grab me and say " come to my office I have something to discuss with you"  (he gets so much joy from this) - I just looked at him and said Ja I know D''s mother shot herself and she''s dead - we don''t need to go to your office it''s all over the company already. Then he looked at me in dissapointment because I took from him the joy of sharing the news.

It makes me sick to my stomach! I want to say to him DO YOU THINK HE WANTED US ALL TO KNOW? Just like with my operation - do you THINK I WANTED EVERYONE TO KNOW?

Any of us who suffer from depression knows how close we come and how private it is - If this guy wanted us all to know he has our numbers he would have told us. This is so private!

I must just sit here in my office and keep my head down because I feel like i am going to loose it.
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01 Jan 0001

YOu can only decide, as I think you have, that apparently he is overpaying you enough for you to put up with their disgustingly bad manners, gossip and joy in the sadness of others. Otherwise, go elsewhere even if for a lower salary, but a less nixious atmosphere.
So yes, cool off, you know what a seedy gossip he is, and so does everyone else. Ignore him and move on ; there's no benefit to be gained from blowing up and chastising him. He won't learn, or change, and you can only lose.
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