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12 Jul 2005

chat - cheating/affairs
I read comments, postings, opinions, condemnations, judgments, etc regarding the cheated and the cheater. Every single one of us has the ability to choose same as we all have an opinion regardless whether it is against or for. Let us take the entire cheating topic further, let us examine possible root causes and not reasons or reactions.

• Is it easy to cheat because there are low morals in both men
and women in the society of today?
• Is it easy to cheat because society and its rules condemn us in
an affair thus making it exciting hence the exploration?
• Do we marry for the wrong reasons and so justify our affair?
• Do we have lack of communication with regards to working
toward a happy healthy relationship in all its aspects? Will
communication in this instance then rid the parties of having an
• Are the nuances of sex too available out there i.e. porn,
prostitutes, internet, anal, toys, 3somes, exploration of bi-side,
swinging, etc., is it all too much for the curious person to bear
thus giving birth to an affair via his/her curiosity?
• Does religion, upbringing, culture, politics, etc present too many
rules and restrictions on us as individuals and in that manner
we never get to know who we really are and start off doing
the ‘right” thing yet end up doing the “wrong” thing?
• Do some of us not really know how we feel and make long
term decisions on short term emotions?
• Some religions teach, especially to women, that sex before
marriage is wrong yet in that instance if we do not explore and
reach a level of compatibility, and since sex is such a vital part
of modern day life, will we then not with our lack of experience
not be able to satisfy our men with all that they are exposed
to? And won’t our religion then also teach us not to entertain
the different sexual options out there today?

I suppose I could pose much more questions that would dwell on those lines but it would be interesting to read what we all think could be root causes for use of a better word, which makes cheating such an easy option in the world today??
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