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19 Nov 2004

closed door now need to PEE
Hi there
I am wondering i have this problem that when ever i get in to a room/hall that does not have a toilet easily avalible i start to swet like anything and start feeling like i am about to pop if i dont get to the toilet (even if i had just gone before i came into the room)

My consern is that i really battle with it i have started only sitting in church if i can sit at the end off the seats, i have a problem writting my exams (not school, majors) as soon as those exam door close baam i start sweting and need to pee.
I NEVER go to movies for this reason and when i do i feel like i real ass hole getting up keep on peeing Fiance always use to say something must have happened (but i had a wonderful childhood)

the reason for me writting now is that we decided to go to movies the other night we went with a buch of friend and i said i had to sit at the end of the ile. the problem was that one of my fiance friends partners also insistedhe sat at the end so we eventually sat behind them just so that i could sit at the end of the row.
And once again as soon as the movie started i had to pee, but the strang thing is that this other guy also had to and apon investigating he has the same problem

I was just wondering if this is quite a common thing and if there is anything that can get me over it, and well what has made me be like this
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01 Jan 0001

It may not be the commonest variety one sees, but this is probably a variant of Anxiety Disorder, similar to the sort of phobic feelings some people get when they find themselves in a situation ( like having to sit in the middle of a row of seats at a theatre ) where they realize they won't be able to rapidly get out. Even though they have no real reason right then to need to get out, thinking about the fact that it'd be difficult, that they'd have to excuse themselves past a row of strangers, etc., can lead to them becoming highly anxious. So, like you, they always feel they need to sit at the end seat, on the aisle.
It's not clear WHY this sort of problem happens to develop in some of us, but fortunately there is absolutely no need to know WHY to be able to cure it. Treatment is highly effective, both with medicines and with psychological treatments ( behaviour therapy or CBT Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy ). See a good local shrink for assessment and a discussion of your treatment options, and you should soon be able to get rid of this annoying limitation on your freedom.
And though GG's advice makes lots of sense, it's almost impossible to carry out. It's like trying very hard NOT to think of a polar bear. As soon as you accept the suggestion, you start thinking about polar bears, and checking to see whether you are thinking about one, and they tend to fill your mind. NOT thinking about something can be an exceedingly difficult task !
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