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23 Feb 2004

Cocaine Exctacy Weed alcahol
Hi All,

I have been reading on this site for about a month now and hearinf the problems with addiction I have come to realise that I may too have a problem. I have been taking drugs for about 9 years now on and off, It has never been a dailky or even weekly ruitene but Since I met my girlfriend 8 months ago I hav erealised that it is actually difficult to stop these monthly abnd sometimes twice monthly drug binges. keep in mind that this behaviour is totally acceptable amongst my friends and is not even seen as a problem.

I am starting to fear that this stuff is grabing a hold of my life and will ruin things wityh my gf who I love dearly (she doesnt know about this problem) this weekend was the last straw for me as I had 2 grams of coke and 3 pills I have been a daily weed smoker for many years and somehow managing to hide it from everyone that matters to me. If you met me you would never guess this of me.

I woke up this morning and have promised myself to not continue like this. I know I can do it alone s I have done it before but obvously not kept at it. I think it is the alchohol as every time I am drunk I lose my inabitions and get hold of the stuff.

The guilt is killing me. I know that this may not sound a problem to a lot of you but twice a month is twice a month to much. I don't think rehab is an option. I am going to try this alone and I am determined to get through it. I don't know why I am writing about this but I will keep you updated after ecery weekend.

I just want to put this crap behind me.
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01 Jan 0001

Sounds like you've made a very sensible and wise decision --- good luck in managing to keep to your resolution !
Your message raises numerous important points. I believe that drug abuse, like alcohol abuse, can have diferent forms, some are better recognized in their alcoholism-form than otherwise. For instance, while some alcoholics drink very heavily every day, some are sober between binges which come at weekends, or once a month. But the common feature is episodes when the drinking gets way out of control. t's like the drugs are taking you, rather than the other way round.
Another aspect is the way alcohol facilitates drug abuse, by reducing one's wisdom ( wisdom is always soluble in alcohol !) and inhibitions, in the same way as many people find that smoking makes them feel like a drink, and drinking makes them feel like a smoke.
Smiarly, as you've perhaps noticed and realised, whenever something you are doing ( like these drugs ) makes you fel that you need to hide it from others, that does indicate that you think it is wrong, and at some level fel you shouldn't be doing it.
By all means achieve this on your own, if you can. But if you find it a bit hard to manage on your own, don't be too dogmatic about having to do it alone --- what matters most of all is getting straight, in whatever way works best for you.
And it's probably a sensible move to share your decision with us here, and to report back on progress, as it provides a useful external check on your aim and progress,

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