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29 Mar 2007


I agree with you totally about pain administration. Good doctors know only too well that they should give their post-op patients whatever pain medication is necessary for their situation. When I had my kidney op, I had an epidural drip for 3 days in ICU (which was heaven I don't mind telling you!) and had pethidine injections on demand in general ward, because my urologist knew it would only be temporary and it helped me with the pain. Personally, I found that I benefited substantially from having physio (my urologist insisted that I have it while in hospital) and I did also develop pneumonia while in hospital (I believe this is common when you have major abdominal surgery). I only realised once I got home how much it benefited me! But then maybe my situation was different!

Hope you are still taking it easy! And I can understand Megamoggy's delight to have you back! One forgets sometimes how animals get attached to their owners as much as the other round. I read yesterday on MSN about a woman in US who has a golden retriever and she started choking on an apple. She tried to apply the Heimlich manoevre which didn't help and then started punching her chest which didn't help either. The dog jumped up on her chest and started beating it and forced her to the ground and started jumping on her chest which dislodged the piece of apple! Her doctor said the dog saved her life. She said she had lots of paw bruises all over her chest to prove it! Loyalty of animals!

It really is great to have you back. Now you can restore order here again! Believe me there have been plenty of nasty things going on here during your absence - but we definitely wont go into that! I am not opening up another can of worms!

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01 Jan 0001

Pleased to hear you experienced such intelligent pain control. I major potential problem with Pethidine, is that doctors who don't understand pain properly, often prescribe it at fixed intervals, with odses too far apart, as Pethidine doesn't last as long as many other analgesics.
Last time round, I discovered a new pain med in drip form, Rayson, which worked well without nasty side-effects ( I get horribly nauseous on anything like Pethidine and other opiates ). This time round they used another interesting new drug, Perfulgin ( ? sp ), which is, essentially, paraetamol but in a special form to give intravenously, and it worked excellently.
Yes, your situation was diferent with the abdominal op, as its much harder then to mobilize oneself without physio --- thats more like my situation after the initial crash, with broken ribs making it difficult to do much.
And yes, let's avoid opening fresh cans of worms. I wonder who first started canning worms ?
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