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11 Aug 2010

Dealing with doubt obessions
I have noticed that I relatively often get random weird paranoid thoughts and then I worry that maybe I acted on it and sometimes it is things that I cannot have concrete proof like, look at a photo. I am maybe a bit too worried about accidently contracting HIV and normally the weird thoughts revolve about that. Unfortunately in trying to get over that I read too much. (oh ignorance is bliss!) Now I know things that I never before realised could carry a risk, extremely small, but remotely possible. The thoughts are not sexual of nature in 99% of the time, examples include seeing something that look like blood and then I worry that I touched or licked it and though I know I would surely not lick or stick anything in my mouth that does not belong there. The latest one is I saw a girl that could do with some make-up somewhere I regularly go and I got paranoid that I used my make-up on her and that now I must throw away all my make-up because now it is dangerous to me, even though I do not even know her name or anything about her and have never even spoken to her. I somehow always get the upperhand over these thoughts, I do sometimes throw things out or wash things just to be sure, but not always. How do I get myself out of this " obsesive"  thought patern with selfhelp, I noticed this becomes more of a problem during times of stress, my work is very unpredictiable. If a crisis at work arises, suddenly I have to wash my hands more, because maybe I stuck my hand in the dustbin, even though I steered well clear of it. I exercise almost every day, run 4-5kms 2 or 3 times a week, do dance classes twice a week, even eat dark chocolate. What else can I do to beat this? I want to beat this on my own, because I was not this way always, just the past 3-4 years, I am much better for the past about a year, but the thoughts still come. Any suggestions on beating this.
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01 Jan 0001

You're actually describing, very well, what sounds like an OCD, an Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, which can indeed be very troubling, but fortunately usually responds really well to proper treatment. You would best arrange to see a good local shrink for a proper assessment and diagnosis, and then discuss your treatment options. SOme medications can help a lot, as can CBT ( Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy ) which can help you to get this under control, and to stop wasting so much energy worrying about risks you realize are exaggerated but which at present nonetheless concern you so greatly.
You should not try to do this entirely on your own - that'd be like trying to remove your own appendix - but the proper expert assistance will make sure you can successfully beat this, and it will only work with your own efforts being central to this all
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