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22 Nov 2004

Drug rehabilitation

I have a friend who had a "drug overdose".....well, the drugs she took gave her a minor heart attack and she was in ICU for a couple of days.

Subsequent to this, said friend was booked into a "recovery/rehabilitation" centre in Rivonia to undergo a 6 week course to "cure" her of her "addiction. Now, don't get me wrong, I do not condone drug taking whatsoever but the poor girl was treated like a heroine addict of 20 years and made to believe that she was a waste of space and needed to "sort" her addictions any means possible.

I understand recovery and rehabilitation is meant to assist you in breaking free of your addictions.....and accepting them, but they have, frankly, turned this person into a Psychotic.

She has lost all ability to discuss things sensibly.....or interact with the people who really do care about her. I'm not exaggerating when I say it's as if she has become a member of a cult as her behaviour is consistent with that of a brainwashed individual!!!!

To cut a long story short, I have been totally and utterly cut out of this persons life, and without fear of contradiction, believe that she has been poisoned by the people who have been counseling her.

Is "recovery/rehabilitation" supposed to make you ruthless? I have been nothing but a pillar of support for this person through her tough time and within a day I went from hero to zero without any explanation....apart from manic and scathing sms's, e-mails and phonecalls. When I have requested a forum to discuss what has happened I have been fobbed off and told that I AM the one with the problems!!!

I'm confused.....and if I could type quicker I would supply more details which would clarify a few more things. The reason I'm posting is that I believe that some of these "recovery/rehab" centres to more harm than good. She has been changed from a wonderful person who accepted the folly of her ways, into a zombie-like person in a trance!!!

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01 Jan 0001

Hmm, sounds like a rather unhelpful rehab program --- my impression is that there are far too many such "programs" NOT designed for the most benefit to the individual, but designed so as to attract the maximum funding from the Medical Aids, and then to boot the person out, whether they're well enough or not, and without proper follow-up.
I have no idea whether the breach you are experiencing with this friend is possibly related in any way to what someone else said to her during the process, whether therapist , counsellor or another patient ; or if it's jys a sign of how she is right now. Maybe this is a good time to leave her be ; if she comes to recognize again how supportive you have been, she;ll get back to you. If not, then you've lost her anyhow. And it's your life that should take precedence now.
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