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07 Apr 2006

ey Doc ead
Ey Doc ead,

Ow things goin on uz side of the world ?

Iz ben around the bend an saw a beautiful picture of change likesay … every day meez wakin up an going bout ma business jus makin it through the day knowin inside iz meant 4 beta things …. Tis a sad part sellin meez soul every day in compensation for appiness… meez wonnerin if that’s y izz toke so much pot?

Anywayz saw ma mate yesterday an likesay eez not progressin much but eez appy an izz guess in this crazy world that appiness eez one of the few things that count right?

Likesay ee eez also mates wif at bastard izz suein 4 takin ma mula an ee pasted on a message for that batty boy which iz kinda thought waz insencitive an lakin in an basic moral fibre … made me sad but iz not react, jus smiled an politely changed the topic whilst inside iz feel like parts of ma already smashed up insides eez dyin…

I don know if I shud likesay disassociate maself wif ma best mate due 2 this as its not good 4 meez 2 ave any input on this kinda discussions an also ee seems 2 not give a shyte bout ow iizz feelin bout the issue, iz thought it waz incensative of eem 2 bring up any of that shyte 2 begin wif…

Iz also tired of listenin 2 peoplez oo pretendin 2 b knowin everythin bout shyte wen ey don know shyte an iz ave 2 likesay report 2 em so am lookin 4 anotha work place, that or follow ma crazy instincts 2 succeed in the franchise industry were one can provide decant food ….

Wen izz wee ma dreams an inspiration waz all that izz ad, no fast car or big arse ouse, now iz got em car, em house, em beautiful womin, em cute doggies, an iz tryna focus on ma dreams but likesay em issues of yesterday won go away an iz canna escape em due 2 the basic lack of integrity ma fellow humans ave, not 2 mention the impotence of our judicial system…

So tis a bit of a battle jus now, tryna make ard choices that may break up things from ma history, an maybe 2 no long term advantage…

Anywayz there r influencing factors about our universe an in some ways I reckon ey wanna pull me ova 2 the dark side of the force but ey don know iz deliberatin throwin it all in a pot…. Ey comin in every shape an size 2 welcome ma demise an through the urt an pain an waitin drivin me insaine meez eyes still fall short of the cleansin cries, meez ears filter eez off so normally meez earin truth from everyone now meez jus ear self motivated lies an meez wonnerin y meez live in a world were peoplez canna walk down the street in peace not worry bout some gasha comin by 2 empty er pockets an give er womin a try, meez wonnerin bout the state an wot will determine mr zumas fate but alas meez already know that in our universe the bad guys do win an the fight eez almost always fixed…

Ow does one survive an isolate ones self wen one seez an unnerstands 2 much that it makes one sad effecting the health, mental physical, meez wonnerin weres the fullstop 2 the en of this f*in sentence, meez opin the denial of reality that meez gonna wake up tomorrow an maybe 2morrow will be okay, an if 2morrow eez jus as shyte meez fight wif ma fightin warrior spirit 2 make it through that day cause maybe the next day eez gonna b tomorrow, meez workin ard at makin that 2morrow 2day …

Ope uz tomorrow eez today

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01 Jan 0001

ey dude,
Sounds like your best mate was insensitive. Maybe he didn't realize how much his comments co0uld bother you ? Why not calmly discuss it with him, pointing out how tactless it was, and asking him how you two can sort this out better ?
As one gets beyond the teens and twenties, we general pause and take stock of life, and check out our navigation with regard to our dreams. At work, if we are actually bright and capable, we often have to put up with more senior people who may be skillful at manipulating their way up the laders of office politics, but are actually unskilled and don't know much. The worl is ful of people like HP, so entranced by their own opinions that they feel omniscient, and don't know how much they don't know. Though we get impatient, our own best interests are usually served by not burning bridges, and managing to be tactful. You may need to weigh short-term satisfaction against long-term advantage. And yes, some people use weed or alcohol, or both, to an extent actually damaging to themselves, so as to construct a chemical cocoon within which they'll notice these frustrations less.
You may fruitfully see through people, but don't always need to tell them that you have. And yes, many of the bad guys win, at least in the short-term. But that's a reason for continuing the struggle, not for giving up. We don't have to make it easier for them.
We can chose to focus on some aspects of life which we find useful and satisfying, rather than dwelling on its frustrating parts.

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