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29 Nov 2005

Feedback from Psychometrist
Hi CS, I hope you're a little better? I'm not surprised that you also feel down at times, especially doing this wonderful job for us. Thank you!

I went to the psychometrist this afternoon, to get feedback on my 7-year old son.

The personal space and rotation that she was talking about, is all related to midline crossing (not where he should be), indicating a mild form of dyslexia (his father has dyslexia). Not using his dominant hand when it was obvious, going the long way around, using the other hand etc.

She's referred us to a neurosurgeon, to do an EEG. His verbal IQ is superior, yet his non-verbal IQ is average. The discrepancy is too big. This could mean ADD with concentration problems. Her feeling is that my son is aware of his "weaknesses", and at the moment, he's using his strong ability in certain areas, to compensate for weaker areas, in a round-about way that takes longer and causes a lot of internal anxiety. He's apparently not good in a "test" situation with time constraints, and would rather give up than try. Although he excels academically at the moment, she feels when the workload becomes heavier, he won't be able to juggle his strengths/weakness and will battle to cope.

She's not too concerned about the emotional aspect, although his self-confidence isn't very good, and he's very sensitive to criticism.

I had to fill in a million forms, so did his teacher. She feels that he might have a seratonin "shortage" because he's not getting enough sleep (nightmares, continually coming to our bed, scared of darkness), and this is exarcebating the problem.

If it's not a neurological problem, she will refer him to a child-psychologist to see if we can resolve these issues.

I am not at all comfortable with the possiblity of my boy going on Ritalin, and she said she doesn't like putting young children on anti-depressants (what for?) or sleeping pills. I'm an emotional ball at the moment, but I clearly have a lot of homework to do, in order to give my little boy the best. What do you think of all of this CS? And of Ritalin and ADD in particular?

She showed me the pictures he drew. In two different pictures, he drew his brother with a remote control (car) in his hand. The rest of the family did different things in these 2 pictures, yet his brother had a remote control in his hand in both pictures. Remember his brother used to bully him, but now teases him and scares him? Could this picture mean anything? She says my younger son might perceive his brother as over controlling him (which he is!).

Thanks for your help CS, you are a star!!
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01 Jan 0001

I'd think a neurologist would be the guy for an EEG, though neurosurgeons must also be expert on making and interpreting them. Seeing a child psychologist would probably be the best ay to go, and could be very helpful. If the diagnosis of ADD is well made, and confirmed by the child psych, then it might be worth trying the effects of Ritalin, to see if it is helpful ; if not, it can be stopped. The same with antidepressants. The test should be their practical value, not theoretical ideas for or against them. Do they help him or not ?
The pictures sound fascinating --- what an ingenious way of showing a sense of the older brother trying to control him ( maybe trying to control even more > )
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