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10 Dec 2004

Girlfriend and her son 8y
My girlfriend staying with me has a son age 8. Know they were together for approximately 3 years in her single life. When I first met her I could see they have a strong bond. Her son is absolute demanding on getting her attention. And it is as if it never stops. He al ways want to be on top of her and have that absolute closeness to her. At the moment she is staying with me sins August this year. In fact from May this year she and her son would come over to my place every night and sleep at my place. It was getting every thing in one box as to make it easy for every one.

When they first move in with me she and her son will bath together when she wants to save her legs. Then she will tell him to quickly bath with her. But in fact I know it is to keep that closeness between them. Then I started to ask her; way do they bath together as I am not use to it. Then they like learned it off for a while. I feel again there must be a parent child relationship. But the way they do it is almost like keeping a relationship going.
I am not stupid to believe at all they have a sexual thing going. Please I am not doff. But if his mom does not give him that special attention it is as if the son gets all grumpy and life is not great any more. He is demanding on getting that special attention. Know my point is for 3 months I had them like normal people mom and son. They still have a good relationship but you can see it is for me as the way I grew up.
Last night when we got into bed I could see that all her pimples on her back was pressed. So I said to her what happened here. So she just mentioned quickly that her son bathed with her and he pressed all her pimples for her.
He used to do it before for her, and I then said to her that I do not think it is normal to do things like that. But then again it is as if I am the shit in the whole story. It is as if,,,,,what is wrong with you, there is nothing wrong with my son doing it. But in fact I think in away there is that need for physical closeness. It is not sexual, but it is as if it needs to be there.
My serious ness about this is, how does this fit into a relationship between her and me. I know if I take my hand off from this and let them carry on, it will end up again like the way it was in the beginning. She and her son have this relationship, and I am the puppet greating the security. We do have a good relationship. We have a great sex live and see does do a lot for me. When we first met it was like every night she and her son will lay together on the lounge sweet and me on the other one. It turned around that her and me does not have that physical contact and he and she have it. Where I am the type of person that really like a lot of physical contact. Maybe I am to conscious on what is happening around me. Maybe I am too much of a person that likes to have my woman for my self. But I personally feel that if I cannot have a good physical relationship with my woman I loose interest. I do not want to be used for others security. I will say a balanced home is a home where the man and the woman are very physical and like touching each other. Want to be in each other’s arms, And the children is there to give love and pleasure. But not the once that takes every thing over. Know after 3 months it is as if it al turns back to when she moved in. It took me actually a lot of energy to get the relationship where it is know. But know I feel like let them carry on the way they want it. And one day I will just say to them, listen I think you people must pack your backs and leave. I am gatvol for being just the man around and do not get loved.

Am I right or wrong here. Or am I just a selfish jealous person…
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