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20 Jul 2005

My boss has given me an enormous amount of work to do before I leave at the end of next week. There is no way that I'll wade through everything before then. I'm currently working on a big project that is taking up all of my time, and she still wants me to continue tying up loose ends and threw in another 'little' project in just to make sure that I'm busy. Some of this stuff should technically not even be my job but hers! But now I have to babysit my replacement, as well as booking all her courses - naturally keeping to the deadlines that my boss has given me for all the other stuff. She hasn't given me any time to finish this project this week - and all my planning needs to be done by the weekend since we're doing the machine upgrade on Sunday and everything HAS to run smoothly.

What should I tell her? I've tried the diplomatic route - telling her exactly what I'm busy with and how long it will take. She took no notice of that. I then danced to my own tune and just did the most urgent things that REALLY have to be done before I leave. This just p'd her off and now she went and added a whole lot of extra work on my board - with dates attached that she says I HAVE to keep to and that its not negotiable. I can't even get in a word edgewise or she just interrupts and keeps on saying that its not negotiable. I feel that this is totally unreasonable. What do I do?
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01 Jan 0001

Sounds a bit spiteful or exploitative. But if you're leaving anyway, and your next job is fixed up, and if you already have your leter of reference, there's no particular obligation on your side to overwork to meet greedy expectations on her part. What fantasy-world is she living in that she thinks she can compel you to keep ridiculous extra tasks she throws in at the last minute ? Of course its not only negotiable, but neglectable. Have you discussed this with your boss ( her boss ) ? PIP's suggestion of the helpless bird act is sound, especially if you put the request in writing and thus on record. It sounds as though she herself isn't especially competent at keeping up with her own workload, and is starting to recognize how much she will lose when you go --- and that she doesn't have much faith in your replacement.
Attend to what are obviously priorities, do what you can do, well ; and leave the rest in her lap, where it belongs. Only work overtime if you are well paid for it. These are HER deadlines, probably caused by bad planning on her part, not yours.
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