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16 Apr 2006

I believe there is no such thing as energy healing...
I have studied reflexology and it has incorporated the meridians and the five elements that the chinese came up with. You know, the meridians are the channels of energy and along them are acupuncture points where the energy usually gets stuck and this is where acupuncturists or shiatsu practitioners apply pressure with needles or fingers to unbreak the blocked energy.
All I gotta say is that avcupuncture and this energy stuff was made up 5000 years ago and I think the chinese did the best they could to understand the human body. And associating the body's organs with emotions was the best they could think of. For example associating the liver with the emotion anger.
At my school I even learnt that a dent in the chin or a line going downward between the eyes equals problems with the liver or wood element which controls the liver and gallbladder meridians.
How can one have a line between the eyes and have liver problems, what doe that have to do with the liver. When we all gave eachother reflexology in class nobody had reactions. When I did my case studies my patients didnt have reactions. And when I received reflexology or reiki which are both related because they are both based on energy healing they produced no results and there was no difference. Even our Anatomy and Physiology teacher at the reflexology school said he experienced no results and me and him would spend many afternoons chatting and trying to figure out if these energy therapies are of any value.
The truth is that they are not!
The only thing an energy therapy like acupuncture or reflexology ca do is lower pain the body. They are also well known mostly for pain relief. The reason for this is simple, we have a gate of pain and sensations that the body can take. And when we have more sensations and feelings felt from say a needle or massage our body cannot focus as much on the pain as much as before.
Sports masage is excellent because it is tangible and has scientifically proven and obvious results: pain relief. The muscles where there is a problem are actually stimulated and relaxed and there is a proven result. Whereas with reflexology where the pituitary galnd is situated on the big toe and by stimulating it on the toe affects this important gland is pure nonsense. It is the same as many people who look at foodstuff and see jesus face in it and believe that it is jesus communicating with them for example. How does a tiny area on the big toe affect the pituitary gland? Not possible, only if there is perhaps a nerve that is related somehow.
Energy therapists are also clever and say things like you didnt absorb energy this time or you must relax then it will only work to cover up for the fact that the therapy will not work.
Cybershrink take a look at skepdic dot com and see the work of robert carol and his teachings on alternative medicine and the unexplained. Have you studied any alternative therapies doctor?? Which ones were useful for you?
Cool. Thanks
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01 Jan 0001

Hi dittohead,
Sheesh ! I wrote a long and utterly brilliant respons to your interesting question, but then just as I was finishing it and before I could save a copy of it, XP crashed and IE froze, and I couldn't post it or save it, and it was lost forever. Now my brain freezes over and won't allow me to try to say the same thing again, as it is convinced that I have already done that.
So, in summary --- the old oriental theories you mention are similar to old Greek / Roman / medieval European theories of the Four Temperaminets, based on the four supposed body flueds, so tghat people were described as Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic, and Phlegmatic, according to whether they were supposed to have an excess of blood, yellow bile, black bile, or water. The principal difference between orthodox Western medicine and the others is that we long ago adopted the scientific method for testing our theories and methods, and are prepared to abandon ideas and treatments that dont work or cant eb shown to be effective. I've lost count of the number of treatments which were solemnly taught to us which I had to describe for my final exams, which would now be considered dangerous. So the big difference is not so much the details, as the way that the other old traditions reject critical testing of their beliefs and methods, and believe basically that if your grandfather said it was so, it IS so. They don't noticeably refine or develop their methods, and don't discard beliefs that are not working.
So, of the "Alternative" methods, the best do what much of current medicine does, and relieve symptoms rather than cure things. Acupuncture is useful in SOME cases of pain, and massage helps for very simple reasons ; meditatio of various forms helps to promote relaxation. That's about it.
As you notice, the Alternative methods all have very fierce ways for explaining away why their treatments didn't work, always blaming the patient and not the treatment.
I like the Skepdic site, and also, and others.
And as you say, there are remakably few of the prominent practitioners of "Alternative healing" who don't themselves use orthodox medicine when they are in need. And Tango raises a vitally important point --- one thing most alternative practitioners are excellent at, is the therapist-patiwent relationship --- they are pretty good at making you feel confident and happy, by using simple and well-known methods of chat.
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