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19 Jul 2005

I feel angry and violated
This is just to vent my anger :
On Sunday morning , some idiot decided to break into my car. There was nothing valuable in sight , so I dont know what motivated him to do it. He smashed my window, forced open my cabby hole and broke it in the process , broke my cup holders while trying to take out my radio. For heavens sake it's a factory fitted radio for tha particular kind of car. Where was he going to sell it. He took my wallet from my cabby hole , opened, it , left it open with all the card lying all over the car. There was not a cent in my wallet . He did not get anything of value except one CD . What I dont understand is why he took some postal items that were on my caby hole . When I arrived i could see the marks of his shoes, I could see the marks of the knife he used to try and force out my radio. he left with a CD worth about R90 , yet he left me more than R3500, 00 worth of expenses . Did he give a damn? How can he violate my space, seat on my chair , get inside the car I'm paying without my permission. How can he go through my personal belongings, how can he open my wallet.Did he for one minute think that the R80 worth of CD has cost me 45 times the price of the CD. Did he think of how I'd feel when I discover that someone has violated my space . Sorry guys , just needed to vent . It's really scary to think of what could have happened to me if I found these guy/s in action because they had a knife . Maybe I must not moan but be thankful that they only used the knife on my radio but not on my body .
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01 Jan 0001

No wonder you feel so angry --- what you're describing was a rivial act of robbery, and a major act of sheer vandalism, destruction enjoyed for its own sake. And as you express, apart from the actual losses, it's the sense of violation, of someone's grubby hands pawing throough Your Stuff.
I wonder if there would be any effect if the legal system placed more emphasis both on requiring such criminals to provide restitution by working to restore such broken things, and to replace the damages they caused ; and if it emphasized their embarrassment, rather than protecting their dignity so zealously ?
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