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28 Jul 2006

I screwed up - what now?
Hi CS and others,

Goodness did I have a sh!t morning. Working myself into a coma, but had to come here for my "fix".

Ok so I was livid this morning when I found out that the MA will not pay for my meds and I have to start it tomorrow. I did not exactly budget for and extra R325 out my pocket. Now the MA reasons that it is not according to Gov protocol blah blah blah. A sick stupid story that I don't even understand after repeating it twice. Even My Tegretol they want me to use a generic now otherwise I have to pay a levy (And it is approved on chronic). Am I just plain BLONDE today, actually I am half blond (highligts)

So I decide to phone my mom and just vent and this is where the sh!t hits the fan. I was so angry and before thinking even for a split second I utter the following " I think I must take an OD on Valium" She was so shocked and called me names and on goes the story. I immediately said " mom I don't mean it that way it is just that I am fedup with the MA, I will never do it"

CS, I have no suicidal ideation whatsoever, I am not even depressed. I honestly slipped out the wrong way. Maybe I should have said something like " I need something to calm me down". Actually come to think of it, that is what I was thinking.

Ok so the damage is done, how now ? Do I go back and explain or do I just keep quiet and responds when she talks about it?

This is really the cherry on the cake, my family knows I'm not all here, but this just confirms it to them.

Please help, anyone!!!!!

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01 Jan 0001

I don't know the Gov protocol they are referring to. If there is a generic equivalent to tegretol, it should be chemically and effectively identical, so no problem in switching to it --- the originating company ought not to be charging so much for an old drug, anyway.
As for the Mom call, OK, so it came out wrong, and we're pleased you didn't mean what actually got uttered. I dont know enough about your relationship with her to know whether an explanation now would help, or whether its bes to wait till next she raises the topic. I can imagine it'd have been a rather shocking announcement for her to have walked into ! Chelle's approach sounds about right.
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