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11 Apr 2006

Irritated councelor
Hi Cs, Ag the session yesterday afternoon didnt go as well at all.
The counselor was irritated with us. She apologized a few times for being irritated, said she is tired and need a break. Frankly I couldnt care much what she needed, we paid for a session I expected the best. The worst is, I pay voluntary, I dont HAVE to pay at all?
The problem now is. She said things like "You irritate me with your stupid questions" and after every second sentence
"Ag please" "Ag please"
I dont mind the ag please, if it was followed with something helpful, but nothing.

I understand many things she is saying because of reading it in your answers on the forum. But my husband does get the message she is trying to get across so easily. When she says " You can't live your life thinking this " and he asks "Why not" she replies with "ag please" and no explanation.

This left my husband very negative now. He says he didnt like her tone to him at all (rightfully so aswell, I didnt like it either)& I dont think he actually listened to anything else she said. Nothing this woman says now he takes in.
Its almost like when someone shouts at you, you dont hear what they are saying, only the shouting?
She is now gone on vacation, and our next session is only in a month. He doesnt even want to go back to her. She is the only famsa counselor in the area, we dont have options.
I am abit with my hands in the air...How do I handle this situation? She did give some guidelines and I would like to try them out, but he is now against anything that came outa her mouth?

Thanx for your advice CS.
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01 Jan 0001

Hi Delene,
Well, counsellors also have off days, or crises in their private life, or whatever, which affects them. But what you are describing, in comments like ""You irritate me with your stupid questions" and the "Ag pleases" are thoroughly unprofessional and unacceptable. it sounds as though she is inedaquet to give a proper explanation for some of the things she says, or can't be bothered to do so. I'd be inclined to withhold payment for that last session, and if she asks about it, to reply : "Ag please !".
Sounds like she REALLY needed that vacation. Why not cvall FAMSA and explain what has happened, and ask their advice ? And chat with your husband, and explain that though she may have been over-tired and sloppy in that last session, and you agree with him that she was acting disrespectfully, that doesn't mean that all of her advice was useless, and suggest that the two of you discuss and select useful guidelines or ideas she raised, and implement them yourselves ?

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