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27 Feb 2004

Is it Anxiety or Depression

I was diagnosed with Anxiety with Mild Depression a year ago by a well known shrink. The medication that was diagnosed was Cipramil together with a course of Rivotril.
I consumed this for about 3 months and decided to quit on my own accord. Up until a month ago, I have been experiencing a huge amount of stress. I discovered that my anxiety started when I came back home, after living away for abt 8 years.

My mom brother and I are very strong headed, We never seem to get along with each other, each though we love each other to bits. We are constantly bickering abt small things, and there is never a day , that we don't argue.

I however seem to have become really arrogant and I have now become very irritable and I tend to throw tantrums like crazy. If my bro or mom has to make a remark I tend to go all biserk. My problem is I can't stand someone screaming at me nor talikng to me anyhow. I get depressed. very easily.

I am scared of the tantrums that I do "throw" I don't want to hurt anyone, My G/F says that I shud move on my own and be independant. She has always be supportive of me. Yes I have been unfair to her at times, I admi that.

YES I ADMIT, I KNOW THERE IS A PROBLEM...My bro will be getting married in a months time and I don't need any more stress. I am healthy gent, that has a great career and a great scial life, but I need help..

CS, please assist me with your professional advise.

I feel as if though depression has settled in again, cause the feelings that I used to show, have arrived.


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01 Jan 0001

Dear mr A.
I have absolutely no idea why ANYONE would ever prescribe Rivotril, a drug intended to treat Epilepsy, for any case of mild Depression or anxiety.
People with either anxiety or depression can readil become irritable. Sounds as if you'd benefit more from seeing a psychologist ( who can't prescribe drugs, mercifully ) for psychotherapy to talk through the very clear psychological issues you have identified. If the psychologist identifies that there is a significant degree of Depression also present, and feels that an antidepresan could help, you could arrange with your GP for a prescription, and if Cipramil helped at all, try instead Cilift, a chemically identical but much cheaper generic version of the same drug. But get working on the psychological approach, soon, as it can bring useful relief.
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