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25 Feb 2009

IT ALMOST HAPPENED - Do i believe it?
I know you' ve heared it all before, but i really just needs someone elses opnion on this.

My bf and i have been 2gether for 4 years. During these 4 years things were wonderful, but als not so wonderful. But through hard times, good times, sad times, dissapointments we stood by each other and we forgave each other. We are really the odd couple, people didn' t like seeing us 2gether and were surprised that we are 4gether 4 such a long time. Everybody is against us, because he was seen as this fine looking guy and me, well as not so fine looking. Everywhere we went people would ask what he is doing with me, and telling him i' m 2 ugly 4 him, he can better ect. But despite all of it we loved each other and if it wasn' t 4 our love 4 each other we would have been seperated a long time ago.

Well lately our strong love became weak. (i think) He started a new job, which means new friends &  people. Ever since he started this job the fighting has been going on non stop. I sit at home waiting 4 him 2 come, but he shows up whenever it suits him. I' ve noticed that he has been phoning a girl who works with him, and asked him regarding this and whether his reason 4 treating me so selfishly was because of this girl. He said no.

This has been going on 4 the past 2 months and Sunday night i decided to write him a letter and in the letter i again asked him about this girl and gave him options 4 choose. Yes, No, Almost Happend, Happened Once. He chose Almost Happened.

He told me all of his work friends were together one night and they went to this girl house. While there there they drank and there was a " moment"  when he was alone with this girl and they almost kissed, but he decided no. Do i believe him? In my gut i feel that something did happened. We are seperated because i told him that there were feelings involved and conversations that led to " almost"  and that hurts the most. That he went so far for something 2 " almost"  happen.

I can not rest without knowing whether something did happen and I' m trying everything in my power to know the truth.

But i' m so confused at the same time, cause i don' t want to loose him if he didn' t do something. But then on the other side something " almost"  happened. i love him so much and this hurts so much. He' s never cheated on me in 4 years, why now, especialy after everything we have been through. He send me a sms yesterday saying he won' t ever leave me. How do i respond. he phoned me and asked if we can talk 2night, and i' m so scared.

I really, really need advise. I' m going crazy. I don' t have anyone to talk to cause i don' t have any true friends who i can trust. I don' t need anybody 2 judge me or to tell me i told u so. I just need someone elses point of view.

Thanks in advance!

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01 Jan 0001

If you ever mix with people so vain and so profoundly ugly as to complain that you are too ugly for your husband, you have bee mixing with some truly horrible people. But why on earth haven't you both become involved in proper marriage counselling, instead of just letting things slide into a nasty state of affairs ?
Get into copunsellig together, perhaps through FAMSA, and dump all of those horrible "friends", and start making some genuine friends, who can be happy to see you happy.
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