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19 Jul 2006

MAOI , Fluvoxamine , depression
I need information about anti depressants.Can prozac make me gain weight? How long does it take for anti-depressants to show results? Is prozac a type of MAOI or SSRI? What are the negative effects of MAOI ? What is the popular name for fluvoxamine? Ive heard of cylift and prozac but I do not have a clue what fluvoxamine is.I want to know whether I could benefit from anti-depressants.I crave sunlight, bright light , warm places and carbohydrate food like mad! Im 3kilos over weight and would really want to lose it.I find myself still being tired with 6 hours of sleep while others are fine with 6.I lack motivation and altough I make such good plans, I never see them through because I feel so gloomy and useless and it causes occupational impairment! I used to be very outgoing but 2/3 years ago I just started feeling this strange nasty feeling and I tend to socially withdraw altough I actually want friendships and company.I can laugh and I can enjoy things temporarily.But this gloomy feeling always returns.I just want to enjoy life and show the people around me how much I actually care and I want to preform better but I lack motivation and feel really down.I am thinking of trying anti-depressants.Ive heard MAOI's are best for my symptoms but that they have side effects.What type of anti-depressant would you recommend and what advise do you have for me?
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Let's see -- This sounds like a quiz show. Can I win a new car ?
/ Prozac, like numerous other antidepressants MAY encopurage you to gain weight, but also may not do so --- as a siode-efect, it's not usually major, and never compulsory.
Its generally agreed that one ought to wait at least 2 to 4 weeks on a proper dose of an AD before deiciding that it's not going to work. Prozac is an SSRI. MAOI don't necessarily have negative effects. the newest one, Aurorix, is a REVERSIBLE MAOI and has less side-effects and interaction problems than the older ones, where there could be some unpleasant interactions between the MAOI and chemicals found in some foods. If you're writing from SA, Fluvoxamine is probably best known under the trade name of Luvox.
The symptoms you describe don't fit any very typical patterns, and you'd do best to see a good local shrink for a proper assessment, and then a discussion of treatment options. It may well be that CBT style counselling would suit you best, more than meds
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