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18 Jul 2005

Multiple personality
Hi all!
I am new on the forum and i am really hoping that you can help me..I think i have multiple disorder.(i think i have 9 different personalities. None of the personalities are violent or anything like that.Even now i dont know who is posting this question. Is there anyone in the same situation. I loose track of time.I find myself in places i dont even lnow, dont even know how i got there in the first place.I am a young professional and i am scared that this is going to affect my work and career.I am desperate for help..
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01 Jan 0001

Well, tebo, the good news is that there is definitely no such thing as Multiple Personality Disorder, so you can't have it. What was called MPD until recently was a disorder CAUSED by naive and clumsy therapists, encouraged by badly writen books, which invented and sold and promoted an entirely voluntary disorder in highly suggestible people, and in which therapy directed towards MPD caused much worse problems than anyone had to start with.
Every normal person has different aspects to their single personality, like a diamond has different facets, different edges which may catch the light, and behaves somewhat differently in different circumstances. --- exactly as you indeed in your later posting, describe yourself.
We ALL behave differently in different circumstances--- that'sthe mark of a normal, healthy and intelligent person. We select those aspects of ourself to display, we choose how to behave, according to circumstances and situations. Obviously, we will behave differently in a church during a service, than at a bar, during a party. That's normal. And in a normal person, like yourself, one's mood varies, sometimes for obvious reasons, and sometimes for reasons we don't notice, so that sometimes we feel cheerful and positive, and at other times we feel sader and more quiet and down. That, too, is normal.
In your situation it would be very risky to see a therapist who believed that MPD is real, but it would be very useful to see am therapist who doesn't believe in the myth, who would listen carefully to whatever current real problems you have, and to attend to them. Something like CBT (COgnitive-Behaviour Therapy ) from a counsellor, would be ideal.
Stop reading up about MPD, the myth, as this will only be harmful, and if you want to read, read up about CBT. You said something very important, when you said that "All my personalities are calm and loving" --- THAT is your personality, and what a nice one it is ! ALl the rest, are behaviours, and ways in which that nice personality behaves in different situations. That flexibility and selectivity is healthy. The person who barges through life behaving in only one way, whatever is going on, is the person who is not functioning well.

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