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16 Aug 2011

Neural allergy?
Hi Doc

Hope you are well on this very chilly morning?

I recently started getting very itchy skin on my legs - no rash, just very itchy, ankle to hip. If I start scratching, after a while small red bumps appear. (Also, once I start scratching I have trouble stopping, as it escalates - the more I itch the more I scratch the more I itch.....)
I''ve tried to treat this with oral antihistamines, antihistamine cream and also cortisone cream, but nothing really helps. Finally found a pretty good anaesthetic cream that helps for a while, but only masks the symptoms. Thought it might be dry skin, so I''ve been using tons of lotion - no change.

Yesterday I spoke to someone who said he''s had the EXACT same symptoms, but he was diagnosed with a " neural allergy" . Basically he gets itchy due to stress. He was prescribed Aterax, which has resolved his problem completely. (he only takes one tablet a week, and this seems to work for him)

Could this be what I have? I have been under a fair amount of stress and pressure lately, so from that perspective this seems feasible... But I haven''t been able to find anything online about " neural allergies"  - is that even a thing? And is there something milder I could try in the mean time? (the aterax sounds hectic)

Thank you!
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Thoroughly chilled, thanks. Last night I think there was a brief snow-fall in my bedroom, especially on the upper slopes of my cat.
Obviously there can be many different potential causes for itchy skin, with or without a rash ( itch is a common way for skin to announce that it's unhappy ). What you're describing is also quite a common pattern of an unwanted reaction to a wide range of drugs. And indeed, one of the problems with using antihistamine creams is that sometimes one may have an allergic reaction to the antihistamine !
I have never heard of such a thing as a "neural allergy" which sounds like a peculiar and personally invented diagnosis. Aterax is an EXTREMELY old-fashioned drug very popular with a few SA docs, which is an anti-histamine but also very sedative. I'm not sure, though, that its effects would last a week after each tablet.
Best get a proper assessment by a good general physician ( general medicine specialist ) or dermatologist, or even an allergist ( a physician with a special interest in allergy, as effective treatment, as ever, is always best based on a proper diagnosis identifying the cause. This should include a review of suh potential allergens as any meds you are taking, prescribed or over-the-counter, and any changes in things like soaps, lotions, and detergents.
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