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29 Jul 2008


I did think about what you said previously and I DID go back to taking my maintenance, albeit a couple of days after for various reasons (but not that many). I am due to go for my monthly blood tests this Sat and handed in a urine sample today instead of Sat (no symptoms or anything like that, other than going to the loo quite a lot, which as a rule I dont consider to be a problem on its own) and guess what? My gp phones me this am and says " have you had any symptoms/problems of any sort?"  I said " no, why?"  No my urine showed up nitrates and hes now worried I might have a positive infection, but doesnt know at this stage but sent it to Lancet anyway and I must phone tommorow pm. Dammit its my birthday tomorrow and I dont want to be sick and take antibiotics and have it affecting my Walk For Life classes - my mom is so angry with me because she says its because I stopped my maintenance for first 2 wks July and thats what has caused this - my gp says hes not sure yet it it is that, but Im guessing he is erring on caution by saying he doesnt know, but knows it will show positive - why - because 9/10 when he finds problems with my samples in his rooms 9/10 lab results prove that to be the case and show up positive results. Now I feel " guilty"  and, although he wont say so outright, he' s thinking I shouldnt have gone off it. Yes he did agree to it, but reluctantly. Now what?

How' s the new kitten training going? Is he/she training you more than you are training him/her?!

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01 Jan 0001

An infernal nuisance --- but if there is an infection, how lucky if you have discovered it early, before it could do more damage ! we tend to go to the loo more in cold weather --- but also when there's a urine infection, and in somecircmstances in relation to drugs like Lithium. Of course you don['t want to be sick, but if an infections turns up, wouldn't you rather now about it and treat it effectively and early, rather than late and perhaps after significant damage has been done ? Its not useful to feel guilty about such events, but better to learn whatever useable lessons are available, from them. Hope whatever it is clears up soon.
No doubt about the new kitty --- she;s training me far more than the other way around. First cat I've know who's mad about eating chips, and watching TV. I expect to come home after a hard day at the computer, and find her watching rugby with a beer can in her paw...
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