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15 Aug 2007


Why is there such a "competition obsession" if you like to call it that attached to sport? I mean why do you have to be better than everyone else? EG if you go to the gym, you have to wear the most up-to-date gear, not forgetting your make-up of course! Make-up at gym, I mean really! Until yesterday (I think anyway) I seem to have always had this desperate need since I started my Walk for Life classes to complete as many laps as possible, ie I would start off racing away and when I completed my first lap (beginners do laps for as long as the time they are allocated, you start on 5 mins only for 2 sessions and go up 2.5 mins every 3rd session) I was basically out of breath and my pulse rate was bad, yet my following laps kept being the same, red in the face, totally out of breath and high pulse rate, because I was adamant about completing so many laps! This has carried on until yesterday when I finally decided "forget this, I am going to go at it at a slow pace and whatever happens, happens! And you know what? I feel I completed more (I think) laps than I would have normally AND had a dramatically lower pulse rate! I did 22.5mins and completed 2kms yest. My question? Why have I been so obsessed with feeling like I am competing with the other members there (which I have been feeling) and I am not nearly as good as them? Lets face it I was a super unfit member when I started and have progressed I feel. And what's more I have had no pressure whatsoever from my manager or her assistant. On the contrary, if anything they seem opposed to this approach and keep telling me so, but it doesnt seemed to have sunk in till yesterday! I just dont understand sometimes why people can get so obsessed with competing in sport.

Your answer would be interesting!

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01 Jan 0001

Isn't this basically vanity you're talkin about, rather than competiveness or obsession ? And it can be related to a relatively low self-esteem, as though you feel you're not as good as everyone else, unless wearing the right makeup and the right clothes. That's a theme we often very usefully deal with in therapy, as it underlies many other problems and situations causin discomfort.
But it sounds as though you have recognized the issue and adjusted wisely to it --- compete with yourself, to do as well as you want to and need to, hoever this compares with others.
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