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23 Jun 2010

pain right side of body
dear doc

i am worried about myself lately for this is not who i am. im about in chronic pain.

it started a while back. my muscles in my body gets sore and stiff for no reason at all. i can wake up feeling like i ran a marathon. it happens quite often like 2 to 3 times a week. i also itch all over my body a times esp at night. i experience dizziness and nausea a lot as well.

i then started getting pins and needles in my right arm and leg. it becomes sore as well.

then came the real pain. it started just under my right rib cage.... when i sit in a certain position it feels like my ribs are pressing against some organ and it felt like bubbles moving. the pain also radiates into my back right opposite the first site.

the pain then goes into my upper back between my shoulder blades but a bit more to the right blade. also middle back on the right. then came the pain in my chest.. a spot between the top of my breasts but a bit more to the right.

the headaches.. the headaches are not like a normal headaches or migraines. its a spot above my right ear in my skull to the middle. your skull makes like a small dent there on both sides. the right one. its very tender and causes sharp stabbing pain at times. its right in the middle on the right side of my skull. its tender to touch and sensitive. when i get this pain, my nech becomes stiff and sore on the right and my right shoulder hurts.

i went to my gp. she gave me anti-biotics for bladder infection after a urine test.... i aso asked her what the pain can be and she said it is my spastic colon. i finished the anti-biotics a week ago but the pain i described is still there. my right leg hurts currently like in different spots, it comes and goes. as do my right jaw and neck.

my right hand is permanently colder than the other as are my feet. my nail plates on my left hand is bluer than the right hand.

i woke up on monday morning with the fingers on my right hand swolen. the skin on my right hand is slightly darker than the left and my right eye pupil is slightly bigger than the other.
i am tired all the time. i have a elevated heartbeat everyday between 110 and 130. my bp is normal but slightly high 130/76. sometimes it feels as if i dont get enough air in my lungs and have to force deep breathing.

i used to be on yasmin for my skin but stopped taking it a month ago. i do smoke. i am on 0.3 eltroxin as i had my thyroid removed due to cysts. i also take pain meds for the pain.

that is it. sorry for the long story. i am just wondering what might cause all the symtoms and want to make sure it is not life threatening as i cannot go to a specialist at the moment due to my work. are there internal medicine specialists open on a saturday morning in pretoria perhaps?

i am so scared that certain people might think i am an hypocondriac if i go to the dr. AGAIN.

any advice would be welcome.

thanks for reading this.

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01 Jan 0001

This sounds like a general medical problem, rather than a psychiatric one. There are a whole lot of potential reasons for the pain and muscle stiffness, and all the other complex set of symptoms, would all need to be sorted out by a general physician ( Internist ) more than a GP. and potentially with the advice of a neurologist ; and a psychiatrist might also be asked to comment, as something like the common disorders of depression and anxiety can amplify such symptoms even arisin from very minor conditions, and make them alarming and far more unpleasant, and treating the depression / anxiety ca help to bring the other problems back into control.
Of course the smokin doesn't help at all, but I'm sure you already know that.
I have no idea what hours are worked by various specialists, and I'm not sure there's much alternative to calling their offices to ask. They would surely be wise to have sessions in the evenings one or two days a week, or on Saturday mornings.

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