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08 Jul 2005

ey Doc,

i ad a problem back ome just now ... i left ma bitch der cause i ad 2 work some obscure hours ... she waz chillin at the tv, checkin out somfin fashionable u check!

so i ezz workin afta a good session and she gives us a call ... woof woof oooooooowwwwllll like ma phone is vibratin right next 2 ma goons and it feels great so i leaves it a bit 4 some stimulation but its office hours and am surrounded by ma work menstral geezas and walkin around wif a ard on aint so great in that dimension...

so she like says straight up ... ey Dude... i found some womans underwear in my drawer ... yea she az er own dress up drawer at my ouse ... i waz like totally thrown back by dat and didn't ave any answers ... tinkin az quick az i do i said ... ey dat maid prob found dem in ma underwear drawer from my x and thought it waz urs ... she prob put in ur underwear drawzzz ...

anywayz ... i ave no fluckin clue were dey came from ... big azz puta draws ... skanky ones ... i shud ave known but i dunna were... tink maybe de r some ladies wif a vengance 2 like create a perspective ov me bein a swingin mother fluffer who can't stay wif one and always iz lookin 4 anotha ...

so i wen ome and explained 2 er that izz not ma intention to do any of that ... she started cryin and i felt really shyte az well, i mean dat situation waz not ma doin adn totally out of control ...

so we izz gonna get it giggy 2nite... ope she believes me as i didn't do notin wif no hoes at ma home... an i don wanna give er insecurities az dis fluckin life iz so full ov em anyways ...

wot does one do wen in a situation like that ...

fluck sakes
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01 Jan 0001

So, the mystery of a pair of panties you don't recognize. Could be a vengeance attempt by some previous person in your life, though they'd need access to yur place to put them there. Did your ex(s) ever actually leave underwear behind after they left ? And you didn't discard them ? Maybe Jordan's right, saying : "Tell her they'r yours. Tell her you were them on special occasions. " And maybe thereupon declare a special occasion ?
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