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04 Feb 2004

please help!

I am 27 year old female. I was a model up to age 22, needless to say, I had a great body.

Over the years, I gained weight - a lot. I've been on all these Fly-by-Night, Metabolism boosting, Bio Slim diets. None worked. I then decided not to diet anymore but adjust my lifestyle. I started eating healthy, and excersizing.

I joined the gym a year ago, and since then have been jogging 30 min and cycle 30 min each day. I can however say that I am very fit. But why don't I lose any weight? I'm still the same weight than a year ago!

I hate the way I look. I have NO confidence. I was an extrovert and have become an introvert. I don't even want my hubby to touch me.

I NEED to lose this weight, it's ruining my life. Have I tried everything? I know this is more of a medical question but my soul is dying too!!!

Please HELP!
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01 Jan 0001

Dear BI,
I'm not surprised that you found the fly-by-night supplements, etc. didn't work. It seems that the lazy authorities in SA have been allowing the marketing of products with claims not allowed in other countries, because there is no good scientific evidence to substantiate them. Not long back I saw a TV interview with someone who I think was introduced as the Chairman or someone similarly senior in the company selling Bioslim in SA, and to my surirpse, he looked enormous, despire having free access to unlimited quantities of the much marketed product. Which I found puzzling.
I think you should consider a proper medical and psychological evaluation, to be clear about whether you are truly over-weight in the first place. Models are especially at risk of developing eating disorders in which they become unduly bothered by what is in act a perfectly normal and healthy weight and physique. Our bodies have a natural weight at which they function best and most healthily, and it is rarely as low or slim as the shape a model neds professionally. It could be that some counselling and due attention to that sense you describe of your "soul dying" would be really very helpful.
Also, eve is right --- check out the health24 fitness section for relevant information, and also discuss the specifics of your problem with Dietdoc.
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