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19 Jul 2005

ello Mr Doc ead ...

back from the trip, it was fluckin great, how u doin ma mate? and ma hound boy, please phone me, the cell phone don't ave ur number so please take ur finger out ur anal and give us a tinkle ...

ad a few learnin experiences bein away, how one gets caught up in the rush of life and relativity seems to change perspective and perception ... am back at work lookin at deez wankeers and wonderin wot the fluck im doin ere .... understand that people take shyte at work but that transference thing just sucks cause people who take it often give it more ... and if they got a really small diick they ave to up that givin score ...

ma old man azz been married 4 ova 20 years and he aint had no nookie 4 bout 7 ... eezz quit religious and i was arguin cause i think its like say eezz wifes duty to give im ead ... so ee wazz gonna check out some womin ee new when ee wazz weee, they were like say fond of feelin one another b4 he got down wif my mutha... b4 ee married into a half breed family were ee don't get no nookie ... anywazz ... i sorta encouraged eeem to get busy wif dat womin ... even though ee is married to a beast ... i said kinda fuuck itt cause ur womin don't gives u no ead, i would divorce ma bittch if she didn't give me no ead... i wouldn't like say fuuck er around although i guess i wud ... and isn't that like unhealthy 4 a womin u put a ring on eer finger to like deprive u of eer anal ???

anywaz ... hows ur arm ma doc man?

does everyone who has to work 4 someone feel like squashin a tamato up der rectum from time 2 time ... i noticed i am not a racist as gettin jiggy wif womin of diff colour is kinda fun, and if they can talk english its even beta sometimes ... i'm committed just now so ma coock belongs 2 someone but i guess in a way i aam a bit of a racist cause i ate afrikaans doc ... i don't mean 2 ate it but when i ear the language my balls shrink somewhat ... it makes me wanna shyte all ova ma self ... and if i ear dutchmen talkin bout rugby i just wanna run aways into a corner and masterbate till izz forget bout it ...

on the plane up ear to jozzy ... i got surrounded by the biggest loudest bunch of azz hole dutchmen i ave eva seen, they were rude, crude and racist 2, they sang osama bin laden and ripped off a poor old geeza sittin in front, cause ee waz an indian, wiff a ead peace, ee had a beard ... dey wanted to provoke eem, eee waz mindin eez own busss, neva gave dem an opportunity 2 get even more nasty .... it freaked me out, the one of em, all in der 40 's started on bout formulas 4 lift, i like say don't understand much of dutchmen anal language but ee was such a wanker i couldn't elp but listen as alf the plane did, anyways ... ee was so way off... those pricks at varsity think dey know lift cause dey know a fluckin formula... neva mind the molecules on teh up side travel faster creatin a high pressure zone 4 lift ... it's not dat fluckin complicated and any 4 year old could learn it, anyways doz dutchmen and de work wannkers r pretty much de same, ma mate eer at work dis mornin is a black lady ... an i adore eer, she's not ma type at all and i already got ma coock owned but dey dutchmen don't like me much and try stretch ma sfffinctoor cause not only am i like way fluckin kleva dan dem azzwhipes but i guess dey know i don't see colour, ma old man waz explainin somethin bout culture 2 us on oliday but eez old school so ee sees colour sometimes especially wif taxi's ... i says i see an azzwhole wif no regards to eez passangers but ee sees black ... anyways i don't think colour should b an issue ... i understand more bout affirmative action as well, most of dem hookers is black chicks on da street and dem black chicks ave been persecuted as door mats by der own colour and now they in power so it's an upliftment thing ... only i disagree wif affirmative cause dey put people in places were they don't ave a fucckin clue ... i wouldn't ave a brain surgen poke ma ead cause she was affirmative... i wanna b wif some one qualified, experienced and assertive ...

anyways doc ead... let me know ow ur arm is... max got in ma bed dis mornin and i thought it was ma pillow but it was 2 fluffy and i woke up wif ma nose against eez huge balls, ee just smiled at me and gave us a wink ... ope i wasn't dreamin of skeen...

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01 Jan 0001

Hello again Dude,
Is it actually necessary for you to get involved in your old man's sex life ? The Arm's so-so, kinda armless some days.
Your mesage gives mixed messages about race / culture prejudices. On the one hand you say colour shouldn't be an issue, etc, on the other you very fairly denounce the racist drunks on the flight who were tormenting am Indian man, but generalize as if what they were doing was typical and inevitable with everyone who speaks their language, which is doing what you rightly complain when they did it. Isn't it ?
And then when people complain, you turn really unpleasant towards them. If you don't want to hear from others who find some parts of your messages distasteful, maybe omit those parts ? Or at least ignore the responses. Why not stick to the more interesting set of max stories ?
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