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06 Dec 2005

how fouled up were you when you said schizophrenics do not have a dual mind, or split personality. If you have stopped reading at this point I would not be surprised, but one last question, did you know that I am classified as a high functioning schizophrenic without SSD payments? I doubt it, and I doubt you know much about the dual mind of the psychosis. Schizophrenia is rendered upon the dual mind, plain and simple. It is how my mind works, why don't you realize this? It is an interesting statement to say that split personality is different from duality, but my guess is that it is essentially not. what is at issue is the fact that people without the disorder are diagnosing people all over the planet, and point in fact, they are not the people with the disorder. Maybe I am just BSing here, if you follow me, but let me tell you this, I just wrote down in my journal how my mind was like duality, and then I come onto this sight and realize that you guys, doctors, don't beleive this, and that bugged me alot. See you later, and, oh ya, keep it fresh.

William Colby Matter
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01 Jan 0001

It is a fact accepted by every single psychiatric or schizophrenia expert on earth, that schizophrenia has nothing whatsoever to do with a dual mind or a split personality, and that this is a longstanding misunderstanding. Now, many people, whether or not they may have schizophrenia, do function at times as though they were in different frames of mind. That's not a split personality --- none of us behave in exactly the same way at all times and in all circumstances. And of course, each mind works both in the many ways we all have in common, and in some unique ways of its own.
I would have thought that speaking of something, personality or otherwise as split, would imply that it was something intended to and made so as to function as one, that had somehow broken or split into two or more parts ; whereas dual implies more either a duplicated back-up system, or a double system, with two parts able to function independently, rather than each lacking something that ended up in the other part, which Split sounds more like,
I'm not splitting words (!) but there is a very important diference between a mind ( or anything else ) being at times "like duality", or "as if dual " and being actually dual.
And I'm not sure if I understand your implication that a diagnosis should only be made by someone with the same condition --- when my arm was shattered, should I have waited to find a doctor or indeed anyone with a similar fracture, to make the diagnosis for me ?
DO say around the site, and add to the discussions, as your opimion is interesting and valid.
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