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04 Feb 2004


Please can you give me your opinion on the following situation, I was asked the following by a work colleague, as I have a degree in Psychology, I was shocked and said I would get more information so here goes. I also felt that HR must be made aware of this very dangerous situation and dealt with quickly and carefully.

A manager (female) running a large project, requires that all staff on the project, refer to her as "our leader" and insists that at their meeting she is introduced as "name, our leader", these are internal meeting and everyone know who she is. She must not be referred to by name but as “Our Leader”

People on the project are not allowed to talk about the project outside of the project, People are genuinely afraid to talk about the project even to their management.
A couple of people have broken the silence as the are every afraid and unhappy.

This lady insists that each morning everyone MUST hug one another.

No one is allowed to talk Afrikaans, only English.

No one is allowed to disagree with this lady.

Anyone who has stood up to her has been removed off the project.

Once a person has been assigned to this project, that are to minimise contact with the rest of the company.

What do you make of this
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01 Jan 0001

Frankly, JOhn, this sounds like a serously disturbed women with wacky and bsolutely unjustifiable potty ideas about leadership and project management. Does she have delusions of grandeur ? Surely a group of her "subjects" ought to approach HR and senior management to warn them that someone is running amok and starting up a sick cult, which could soon get the company into serious trouble and really major embarassment.
let me be categorical here --- there is NO possible or conceiable basis in human psychology or sound management principles for the use of the sort of rules and methods described here. As you may have noticed, companies and the field of management in general have been preyed upon for years by pop "psychology" self-proclaimed gurus, selling all sorts of wild and totally unsubstantiated claims, and are too many companies have paid far too much for bad advice, quack methods and "workshops" and similar nonsense.
And management which tolerates this sort of twisted group quackery, including the isolation of the project group from higher management, ought to have their own collective heads examined !
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