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15 Dec 2004

SMS world...
Hell sms :: Coward
Dude... no response...

Hell sms :: how does it feel?

Dude... no response

Hell sms :: anser yr fone pls. No fighting. I need2 ask u s.thing.

Dude ... no answerin phone...

H DAD: phonin + Hell phonin

Dude... no answerin phone... to much abuse... can't handle this situation and have to cut it loose...

H DAD sms :when it doesn't suit you you don't answer. You called helen a fluckin whore yesterday when she's not able to slap you in your face that's your style you misserable bastard.

Dude SMS 2 H DAD:you know nothing....

Hell SMS: U say I called u a coward, stupid little boy, but u called me a f... whore, do u know how that hurts? U said u happy I'm gone, yet u sms me askin 4 money u say I owe u. wot about all u owe me? U say I used u, wen u know in yr heart thats not true. I need 2 clear all thsi up, then u don't hav2 hear from me again.

Dude SMS 2 Hell: I don't trust my heart anymore, it told me I could believe in u twice and let me down. I can only go on facts now... I called u that because ur dad told me that u were only with me because u needed a place to stay. Before u came up u were livin in a lounge, u had no work and the little u did was not payable and u got ur dad on the guy. I owe u nothing at all… Hope this helps...

H Dad SMS: I know what has happened the last year and how you have abused her. youaccuse her of wanting things from you and demand that she refunds you whatever you say she ows you when in fact you've cost her her job and more than a hear of her life. there is plenty of evidence of that.

Dude 2 H Dad SMS: u r but an ignorant parent, u told me that helen was only with me for a place to stay... u called ur own daughter a whore... and get ur facts straight, I have told her that i do not want anything from her as the abuse which u hurl and claim victum to is not worth any amount of pocket change 2 me. she was not workin, u had to go sue the guy that she did work 4, she was living in a lounge...

Dude 2 Hell SMS: ur dad is on my case again, please can u try to resolve issues on ur own 4 once instead of gettin ur old man to fight ur battles, he has nothing to do with us.

Hel SMS: I was tryin2, thats y I wtd 2 tlk 2 u. I did not tel him 2 fone u.

H DAD SMS: I've never said anything like that to you about helen but then thats how you twist words around. You've got lawyers and you make threats, but you nothing but a stupid idiot. You are going to leave helen alone, the law is for everybody.

Dude 2 H Dad SMS: you said it, and you meant it, I don't threaten unlike u, on my last birthday u threatened to kill me... do u remember taht one or does the memory select what is good for u, if you want to see an idiot go look in the mirror. I am happy that I don't have to deal with u or ur daughter ever again. go get a life...

H Dad SMS: you get a life yourself you brain damaged drug addict.

Dude 2 H Dad SMS: Hey! FLUCK U GEEZA, why don't you get ur own life instead of livin it through ur daughters.. an old man like u behavin like a kid. Is pathetic...

H Dad SMS: to be old is an honour you moron. you'll get a chance to fluck me when we get face to face.

Dude 2 H Dad SMS: I have no intention of fluckin you old man,I am not attracted 2 u..

H Dad SMS: I will fluck you then...

Dude ... no response, a futile waist of energy... i said I want nothin to do with these people but they just continue...

Dude 2 Hell SMS: Please can you and your family disappear from my life, I had no idea how sick and twisted ur dad is, Sorry that things ended the way they did.

Hell SMS: I hav already said goodbye 2 u, that means i've disappeared from ur life. Thank u 4e/thing u tried 2do 4me. I'm sorry 4 pain i caused, pls rem i'm hurtin2, wtd2 fone u & xplain this morn, but u didn't want me2. So theres nothing more2 say then..

Dude 2 Hell SMS: good bye princess, will love u always...

Hell SMS: No, u dont love me&never hav. With love, comes respect. U hav no respect 4 me or my fmily. I read all yr sms’ 2myfather, u said “f* u old geeza & that wldn’t f* him asu didn’t find him attractive. I think that’s sick. How wld yr dad react if sum1 called yr sister a f* whore..

Dude 2 Hell SMS: I did call ur dad that, right after he called me an idiot and a moron and a brain damaged drug addict. Your dad said he wanted to fluck me, that is sick. I have no need to be a hero now and am not playin games, your dad is twisted and I think the 2 of you need each other. I am sorry to see the truth of life but now u on ur own girl.

Hell SMS: but u’re wrong, I’m NOT alone. I’m lucky enough 2b loved unconditionally, so don’t waste yr pity on me, rather keep it 4 urself, as u need it desperately. No games

Dude 2 Hell SmS: hey don’t shoot the messenger, am deletin ur no now!

Hell SMS: 0 no, who’s going 2 remind u 2 ask mommy 2 stock up on baby oil, now? Esp. since u so choosy bout old geezas…. O, don’t worry, I’ll keep yr no, just incase.

My ead was about to explode and then I remembered an ancient art done a while ago, where fire and water flow..

Dude 2 Hell: I was going to hurt u now but I know better. I’m sorry that you don’t see anything good in me, I’m sorry u didn’t see the whole sms story…. I’m sorry that this has happened and I do love u so, but now it’s time to let u go… good bye

Hell SMS: I’m sorry,I’m hurtin so bad& wtd u 2hurt aswell. That was wrong. I do SEE the good in u. U r a beautiful person. I’m so hurtin 4 us …

Dude 2 hell: I know, and feel the pain, best we just leave it here… good bye princess…

Hell SMS: I thought u said u didn’t love me anymore? U don’t deserve this. I wish u cld holdme in yr arms&tel me I’M yr fairy princess. I’m sorry I wasn’t strong enuf 2stay.

Dude no response…

Hell SMS: I miss u and Max

Dude… head = broken…

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01 Jan 0001

Dude, the others make sense here. You dont deserve and don't need this pain, and should end their communications with you --- change your cell-phone number, and stop communicating with them. And avoid that dad, who seems too passionately involved in the situation to be helpful to anyone. I'm not sure I agree with Shaun about the wisdom of getting together with her again. let it rest for a while.
To think of another book, this relationship with her and her dad, and the mes of SMS's, reminds me of one of the old children's books, the Uncle Remus stories ( Disney made an early movie based on them ) and the story of the Tar Baby, in which someone constructed a figure made of tar, such that the more someone tried to fight with them, the more they got stuck in the tar.
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