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20 Dec 2004

Some more chatting
I absolutely worked my fingers to the bone this weekend (you should see my hands - not an IT professionals' hands at all. And I still cannot believe the weight I was able to carry from my garage up to my 3rd floor flat. My brother and I put in the 3rd bedroom wall (using drywall - bricks will weaken the structure of the block) Plus I bought some of those drawer units they sell along the road - the ones with the basket drawers. Then realized that it was rather badly made, and started fixing it up (still cannot believe how much wood filler I used) Plus I used some screws since the nails they used are terrible. Taking 2 of the units back tomorrow - and will show them exactly what I want it to look like (bought some wood and will make one tonight myself) Then they better give me the correct baskets (others don't fit and are in not in the same style). I bought enough wood to make 3 more units. In exchange for their 2 units back, I want the drawers and tops for the units I'm making. At least the coffee table they made looks good. That one was a custom order - the others were standard stuff. Sorry - still rather angry about this. So tonight its me and the powertools again.

Another funny thing that happened - my cousin came with my brother to help with some of the work (in exchange for food, cigarettes and alcohol - and yes they are older than the legal limit) So I set my cousin to chop of the tiles in the bathroom since it is being completely redone. So he gets about a half a wall done on the 16th. So on the 18th my sons come to visit. My oldest (he's 8) sees all this breaking down and begs me to help. First I'm rather skeptical - I mean its rather dangerous for an 8 year old to be using a cold chisel and hammer. Big was my surprise when he gets back to me 30 minutes later and asks me which wall must be done next. He did an absolutely phenomenal job for such a youngster. The only tiles left are those where I need to take a rail down, and where the pipes are. Now I'm not feeling guilty about spending all that money on his Christmas presents anymore. That with his great report from school and his music teacher really gives me a big fuzzy feeling. The youngest (4 years old) also got a great report from his teacher. She practically wrote in her report that he's ready for Grade 1, but still too young. So next year will be his final year in the pre-school - at least his birthday is early in the year, so he will be six by March. I won't be surprised if she does give him some Grade 1 work to do - just so that he doesn't get bored. At least its a very small school with lots of individual attention and great teachers.

Anyway - cheers for now. Gotta go see the inside of the bathroom.

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01 Jan 0001

What a great kid ! You must be really proud of him. He must have rather a good mother !
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