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07 Oct 2009

Hi CS!
OK just want your opinion.
For the last couple of months I have been seeing strange things right.
Then I afterward I think that perhaps its my imagination.
I hear people and they are not there when I check, I see people walking by, when I check, theres no one.
When I' m at home I hear my brother speaking with my family and he laughs etc, when I get inside he is not there (working late shift) I see dark and light figures passing by me.
I try to put it out of my mind but a couple of mornings I have woken up and my top was off and then once I woke up my pants was off.
Now I' m serious and I am not crazy!
At night when I am hot I will wake up and take the covers off or even if I change sides I will wake up and then change sides so how can I take my clothes off at night and not know it?
Theres nothing wrong with my eyesight either.
What do I do?I don' t want to tell anyone about it or they might think I' m weird or worst yet CRAZY!
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01 Jan 0001

Ah, thank goodness. At first glance I thought this mesage was signed "Strangler." Howdy Stranger !
Now let's see. Yes, you are indeed describin some odd experiences, and are wise and perceptive to have noticed these and to have recognized that they are indeed odd. There are surprisingly many different reasons why such experiences might arise, and so the best response would be to see a good local psychiatrist for a thorough assessment, and advice based on the results of that.
I share your opinion that you're not crazy, by the way. I wonder about many aspects of this. Does it usually happn when you are alone ? Or with people ? Does it usually happen when you are very tired ? Does it usually happen at night ? If I understand you, you both see and hear ordinary things ( laughter, footprints, shadowy figures ) rather than bizarre things, but what's odd is that when you check them out, they appear not to be based in reality ( no people there ). And you find the experience odd, but though they seem real enough at the time, you recognize that these particular experiences are not reality --- that is, you can tell the difference.
I'm not sure what to make of waking to find part of your clothes off --- couldn't this be explained by you maybe feeling a bi warm, and taking something off while half asleep ? Or how do you explain it ? As you say, if, like many of us, you tend to wake lightly when you turn over, etc., it would be odd for anyone else to be able to remove your top, for instance, without waking you.
The assessment would be a smart move --- not because I think you're crazy ( or that the shrink you visited would thionk so ) but because I don't --- but there are a range of reasons possible, and it's important to distinguish between them. Some types of physical illness could do this, or the effects of some medicine you take, even an over-the-counter or socially used drug, or a form of epilepsy, and so on. This is why I recommend a Psychiatrist rather than a psychologist, as the psychiatrist is fully medically qualified, and able to check out most possibilities.

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