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19 Jul 2005

Suicidal - please help?
I have been feeling so low lately, just wanting everyone and everything to leave me alone so that I can just crawl into a hole and die! I hate feeling this way - I have a wonderful husband and two precious kids but feel that they would all be better off without me. I took an overdose of tablets last year and ended up seeing a psycologist twice but got so tired of him asking me how I feel about everything I said (How do you feel about that???), that it drove me crazy and I never went back. I was on Nuzak which also helped but was scared that I would become too dependant on them, so stopped taking them. I am overweight, feel ugly, stupid, a stay at home mom who ignores her kids when they are around because all I want to do is pull the duvet over my head and make the whole world go away. My husband keeps asking me whats wrong and when I actually sit down and think about it - I dont really know what to tell him. AM I GOING MAD? Wouldn't it be easier and better to be dead and have no more hassles in life - so easy, yet not!!! I know that if I carry on feeling like this I will try committing suicide again and will make sure that the next time I succeed. Do you have any suggestions??
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01 Jan 0001

Well, unlike your dim psychologist, I KNOW how you feel about that ! Yes, that style is clumsy and suggests a lack of proper training. You may do well to get back on Nuzak or something similar, as this could well be a depression that would respond well to such meds --- and there is no risk of you becoming dependent on them. They can even help somewhat, along with a proper diet and exercise program, to lose weight once you're feeling a bit more energetic. You are NOT going mad, but you may well be going Depressive, which is very successfully reatable. maybe even add a counsellor, if you can find one who will promise not to ask you how you feel about that ! ( if they balk at that suggestion, ask THEM how they feel about THAT ! ). Death would not be a better option, and whether or not you can believe it at this time, would cause terrible and lasting grief to your husband and children, and might even increase their own risk of further problems including depression, later in their lives.
Ignore /// --- pity THEY don't put themselves out of OUR misery.

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