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12 Aug 2010

Testing (Bi-Polar, etc)
Good day Doc

Kindly advise if I would be able to arrange for the following tests for my daughter, without having to be referred by a pschiatrist/psychologist, please (the psychiatrist we went to didnt feel that these tests or medication is necesssary and I feel that she only enabled my daughter''s behaviour, not having addressed the discipline issues we''re experiencing and not giving us any ''coping mechanisms'' to work with in the meanwhile):
Chemical Dependency
Chemical Imbalances
Hormonal Imbalances
She is nearly 15 and is acting out - refusing to go back to school after the holidays, but we''ve managed to get her to go back (she was doing quite well at school initially), having lost interest in friends, very moody (withdrawn then quite chatty) and is smoking. I would like to rule out any medical issues, before arranging appropriate counselling for her.
How would I go about having these tests done (through my GP?) or can I request them myself and where, please?
In the meantime, apart from school, we have decided to enrol her in a karate class and dance class (she seems to be very interested and excited to attend) - in an attempt to keep her mind busy and maybe this way, hopefully, she may get some focus again...
Thank you!
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01 Jan 0001

She may be acting out in a particularly annoying and upsetting way, but it is extremely ordinary for kids of that age to act out and become, at least for a time, a thorough pain in the neck.
It is hardly ever ( probably never ) caused by chemical or hormonal factors outside of the ordinary changes of adolescence, and such changes are not, anyway, detectable by tests that are practical to do.
Bipolar Disorder is impossible to diagnose by chemical tests, and only a careful assessment according to the internationally accepted criteria can make the diagnosis. Chemical dependency also depends on a clinical assessment which could be backed up by some blood or in some cases urine tests - it all depends on what dryg is involved. But many of the drugs kids abuse can't be identified on normal testing, and most are excreted rather fast, so tests can easily miss their presencem because they're gone before the sample is taken.
Problems that could be well dealt with in counselling are by FAR the most likely cause for the problem you describe, which one does not see caused by the factors yiou are suspecting. So starting counselling would be very wise.
The counselling would help, anyway. If the counsellor noticed further factors suggesting more is involved, further asessment could be done then.
The classes she has started sound like an excellent idea, if these are activities she herself would or did choose, rather than only your idea. Not only do such classes give her an opportunity to let off steam, but they can get her so involved in pleasurable activity, that drugs or other distractions would be unwelcome to her.
Now, I am not convinced by the work of Schlegel and Barry. Such problems are undoubtedly common in Western teenagers and some others. Yes, it is not inevitable nor seen in every culture. In fact, in many cultures and in our own history, "teenage" is a fairly recent invention - a couple of centuries back, kids were considered to be small adults, deserving no special indulgence, and controlled by strong codes of discipline. I agree that this is not caused by hormonal factors ( though they don't help - and remember there has been a dramatic lowering of the age of sexual maturity ( physically and hormonally ) over the last century or more. )
But as an interaction between the physical and changes in social status and expectations, I think the problems are created by this situation - but you can't put your own teenager on hold till society rights itself, and must still deal with the current problem.
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