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19 Jul 2005

TO CS: I think u were unfair on the religious thing
I really think your response to the religious thing was unfair to Male23 as an impression was being created here that he was on a pulpit preaching about his religion. What usually happens is that one person would ask directly to him a certain religious question, in this case Buzz, and he would give his opinion. What then happens is that others (maybe of a different religion) would attack him and his opinion, not that his intention was to preach or give a lecture about the bible. The other thing is that we all have different ways of approaching problems and I find that M23 most of the time would use a religious way to advising people which is at times helpful to others. The problem is the people who would then attack his religious opinion and start causing fights. I really think you comment was unfair to him. There is nothing wrong in calling people to order, but in this case, I dont think he deserved such harshness.

Yesterday someone asked a question about CARS, CP Mom would ask questions about bronzing shoes and yet people would give their opinion and it would end there. This is regardless of the fact that this is a Health forum. Your response to the whole thing, suggest that Male23 is using this Health forum as a pulpit, and your comment that he and others can set up their own forum to debate this issues is really UNFAIR. What about those who debate racial issues and pass racial slurs at others? Male23 never intended to debate issues here, but was simply responding to Buzz. The usual troublemakers are the one who turned the whole thing into a debate.
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01 Jan 0001

Preaching he certainly does do, at times, and others too. What I want to stop is the drift from discussing psychosocial problems to a discussion of religious debates with multiple bible references, etc. They're fine, as I said -- BUT NOT HERE> Nobody ought EVER, within THIS forum, to be asking male 23, or anyone else, religious questions. He is not our resident religious expert, and this is not a religious forum.
I was not in any way harsh to wards this amateur preacher, and flatly refuse to reconsider my words or my decision.
Yes, there was one question about cars, and one about bronzing shoes. If there were recurrent discussions of either topic, I would step in, in EXACTLY the same way as on this issue.
And it is not in the faintest sense unfair to suggest that Male23 and others who want to enjoy a religious discussion should set up their own forum or wensite --- that's exactly how the web works. It is NOT proper to hijack someone else's site to pursue your own interests when they are no those of the owners and the workers who run and produce the site. You seem to imagine that I was over-reacting to one single male23 posting on a religious issue --- instead, I am responding to dozens and dozens of such postings over a considerable period of time.
And, to take up Powerpuff's point, should we receive numerous further postings about penguins and dolphins, I would have the same response !
I appreciate Prada's approach. But we don't need biblical citations in response to so many questions --- aain, that is a perfectly valid approach to life, but NOT the purpose of this forum. And as Caz has said, male23 has indeed gatecrashed into many questions not addressed to him, ading his religious advice which had not actually been asked for.
And as Hey rightly points out, I have several times tolerated a form of almost advertising by Male23, who has posted his email address and invited people to contact him directly if they want religious advice --- something I would normally not allow others to do ( we don't encourage advertising !).
And come on, folks, deducting from the fact that anyone happens to be much wrapped up in their particular religion and finds it so comforting that they want to share that point of view with others, that they must be frustrated, gay, or anything at all other than whatever they say about themselves, is unfair, unkind, and generally highly inaccurate.
As for Fact's comments, I'm not sure I have seen what you describe. I have very rarely come across a Jew, Muslim, or Buddhist pushing their particular religious views upon others, however personally satisfying their beliefs are to themselves. it is a feature of some ( not by any means all ) Christian groups to be more In-Your-Face about pushing their personal beliefs towards others --- if one does this, one is likely to attract hostility or criticism. I think the criticism is a response to the manner in which the beliefs are advanced and expressed, not o the beliefs themselves.
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